Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year ..... New Blog !?!

Hello Troopers,

With the new year quickly approaching I thought of things I would like to do to the blog. A New Years resolution for a blog if you will.

First things first, I would like to say thank you to the 12 followers of the blog at this time. As each of you joined the "following", it gave me motivation to continue my blog. I look forward to sharing my blog in the new year.

When I first started this blog I was focusing on Flames of War. Slowly if grew to include my other hobbies and interests, such as Star Wars RPG and scale modeling. I will be adding a tracker for miniature/modeling status as well as a game tracker to give some new material to the blog.

I know that one of my projects is to get my company of Glider troops completed which fell to the wayside due to family and school. I know everyone of you has that scenario to one degree or another.

Another project of mine is to get some games going this year .... both miniature and RPG. And we all know how tough it is to get that completed.

Well ...... Have a happy new year and a safe one at that. I am looking forward to sharing my blog with you all in the new year !


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas


From my family to yours .... We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy the family time and be safe.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Air Cav

Hello Troopers,

While Virginia was getting buried in snow I was traveling the speed limit towards Upstate NY for a christmas getaway. Extremely cold with about two inches were waiting for the family and I on our arrival.

Having both set of parents in NYS allows for traveling within traveling. One stop being Schenectady while the other is the Adirondacks of NY. My brother in law has recently gotten bit by the RC helicopter hobby and has a fine collection for his fleet. I was able to take a couple for a spin. You look at the helicopter and think ..... how hard can it be ?

I will be happy to inform you that it IS harder than you think. Included are some pictures of his Apache. I have a small avi file too .... with help from my 18 month old daughter towards the end of it.

Any experience or thought in the subject ? Feel free to chime in ....

Be safe and have a Merry Christmas .... Joe

Saturday, December 12, 2009

We got a signal !!

Hello Troopers,

I am sooooooooo sorry for the lack of posting. Things have been hectic at headquarters. First punch to the face was the digital camera breaking. I was devastated ... since a fun part of blogging our hobby was posting our work. The next punch was paramedic school. Time was zapped faster than an Ork on the battlefield.

With all that on the sundae we have have the other parts of life. Work, wife, 17 month old daughter and 2 dogs. So as you can see its been tough getting the hobby out on the blog. I also know I am preaching to the choir since we all have these same roadblocks in life.

I would like to welcome the new troops to the blog. Please don't be afraid to stop by and comment. Thanks for stopping by. I must say that the followers have some great material as well. Please stop by and follow their works as well.

We have been receiving much rain here in Virginia. The sun has won today. And with that I must get to some outdoor work that we have not been able to do for the last month and a half.

Be safe and keep stopping by


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Here !

Hello Troops !

Just checking in and seeing how everyone or everything is doing ?

My D&D/RPG group is still in planning but I am itching to roll some dice for sure.

The painting is on slow motion but I am trying to get motivated and get some painting done today. I have some errands to run this afternoon and may pick up a couple of things I have been meaning to do to help the overall actions in the house.

FOW ... I am hoping to get some games in this fall. Steve ..... if your reading this its directed toward your frontlines. LOL

But finally I am getting ready to rig up a solution to the broken battery flap on the digital camera. No pictures on a gaming blog is like a go-cart with only 3 wheels .... no fun.

Keep the paint flowing and the dice rolling. If you get a chance checkout my other blogs and see how you like em.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

To Bard or not to Bard ...

Hello Troopers,

Recently, my friends and I have began to start a Dungeons and Dragons group. Since some have the 3.5 rules and such that is the area we will focus on. I am not sure if 4.0 has any light at the end of the tunnel or not .... but it is a possible move later.

With all this in mind I was thinking what type of character I would like to play. Warriors are fun and act like "tanks" if you will. I always enjoyed being a healing type and helping the group in that area as well. Magic characters are fun too ... although the lower classes are limited.

Then I had a vision if you will. An attempt at a character I haven't played before. I am talking about the Bard class. In my research I have noticed that the Bard has gone up and down in the power, use and definition since D&D started. The character is labeled as a "jack or jill of all trades". Fair enough. Not strong in anything but knows a bit of everything sounds good unless you find yourself in great need. But the thought of playing songs and being a moral pillar in the group is very tempting.

Then more doors open as I think about it. Do I play neutral .... acting when the situation dictates? Am I a diplomat? Am I a historian of the groups feats and use that to our advantage? Am a good seller and trader? The list goes on ...

What is your thoughts or experiences? Chime in and let me know ....


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Space Hulk ....

Hello troops,

I thought I would add some more elements to my blog .... at least some more in the gaming world.

By now many of you have heard or seen that Games Workshop has brought Space Hulk back to life. In the scheme of things the word "life" is more "limited edition". Limited Edition also allows an absurd money amount to be applied to the product. The website is listing the limited edition game at $99.00. WOW. In this day and age ... $100 for a game system seems crazy although some will buy it.

Setting the price aside I will say that GW has overdone the set with some beautiful miniatures and game board. The quality of the system seems great. I don't believe that they have changed any of the game mechanics nor have I heard that past veterans had any problems with the old rules.

Here are some of the pictures from GW's American website ...

They look great .... but with a $100 dollar price tag it is safe to say that it will not be joining this army anytime soon.

Comments, suggestions, observations ? Feel free to chime in ....


Smoke signals ...

Hello troops ...

I am still here and still working on the models. Only thing is I have no camera to post pictures at the moment. It stinks not being able to have pictures in the update. I am working on it I promise.

My friend recently gave me a Badger 175 airbrush. Any tips or suggestions ? I am new to the airbrush scene but look forward to using it.

Feel free to visit my other blogs as well. Become a follower and join in the fun. The other blogs I run mostly deal in RPG lands. At this time that includes Star Wars and Battletech.

I was also thinking of starting a web comic as well. But that is in the future ....

Hope all is well .... be safe. Roll some dice and get those paintbrushes moving ....


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Working without pictures ....

Hello Troopers,

I am still working on getting pictures to the computer. I apologize for the situation.

As far as "works in progress" goes ... it is coming.

I still haven't gotten to dull coat the command troops. It has been so humid .... and I have been told humidity may ruin the final coat. If anyone has any suggestions please speak up.

I have been basing the bazooka troops with fine play sand and not sure how the results will look to me once the paint is applied. I took one stand and base the majority of it with fine base sand. Next I took a layer of the original basing I was using and applied. I will see which method I like better. It is definitely a WIP.

The mortar teams and LMG teams are now getting paint applied as we speak. The rest of the company will be getting the mold line sanding and placed on sticks to be primed this week.

On a future note. A local tournament is going to be themed EW and I am looking to field an EW German army. Any suggestions would be great.

Keep the paint flowing and the dice rolling !


Monday, July 20, 2009

Side note

Hello Troopers

Just a friendly plug for my other blog. It is a Star Wars story with some role playing mixed in. I know some of you are RPG'ers and SW fans. So follow the link and become a "Imperial Citizen" to follow the blog.

I am still working on getting some pictures up on this blog.

Be safe


Friday, July 10, 2009


Hello troops,

Good news was I found the camera card reader. BUT ... the bad news is that my ditigal camera is broken. I am not sure what or when I will be able to get some pics up on this blog. I will still post my progress and such. please stay on the roster .... I will try to get pictures up but the blog will continue.

Thanks for your understanding ....


Recon pictures coming today ....

Quick note troops,

I found the missing recon equipment ( my card reader ) and will be posting photos today ....

Thanks for the understanding


Friday, June 19, 2009

Status report ....

Hello Fellow Troops ...

I got some painting and such done today !

The command squads are complete and ready for flat varnish.

The bazooka troops are being based as we speak with the fine sand that I mentioned earlier. I also tried a new way to base. Originally I would place a dot of white glue and then use water on a brush to thin it out. This time I tried mixing water and glue like you would paint. It has seemed to give nice control and seems to work alot better than the previous methods.

I have also finished the filing of mold lines on the rest of the support troops and got them on sticks ready to paint.

Only bad thing is I am still looking for my digital camera card reader to download my work.

I apologize for the delay. I would like to welcome the new troops whom have joined us. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions.

Be safe .....


Monday, June 15, 2009

Yes ... motivated and moving ....

*** General's note .... I can't find my equipment for getting my photos off the ditigal camera, so the pictures will be posted when I can find it. But relax .... the painting has returned. Enjoy the post .... ***

Greeting troops,

Last night was very productive. Paint was flying and motivation was high.

I was able to get a majority of the support troops painted .... helmets, shirts, pants and webbing/gators. I just need to touch up the boots and weapons before placing them on bases and getting that completed.

I have tried a couple of new things with the support troops that was not done with the command figures. One ... I tried a "speed" painting if you will. Steve had mentioned that he strives for "looks good at distance but sort of messy up close." It's not a accurate quote but the message remains the same. So once getting past my perfectionist habits I attempted it. I believe it looks good not to toot my own bugle. I placed the two different styles of painting so you can compare.

The second change will be the use of play sand instead of the sand basing I have for 28mm figures. The command troops are based with the thicker sand, it looks OK. The finer sand should look more to scale with the 15mm figures. I was also contemplating hitting the figure bases with the same brown I use to paint the sand flock. My hopes are to help out with the overall basing. If I miss some small areas near the figure bases it won't be as obvious as black primer showing through.

The troops on deck are the rest of the support squad consisting of the machine gunners and mortar teams. I will say that the new method of painting is quicker and gets the troops in production faster. Time and experience will make presentation even better for future painting.

One idea I do have for the support troop bases is make the scenery unique. Support teams were and are a major concern for enemy forces. Thus with that in mind, most teams seek good cover to deploy. It also makes for interesting brain storm to come up with some ideas.

Well .... thanks for understanding my lack of post. Keep stopping by and feel free to comments.

Be safe, keep the paint flowing and the dice rolling.

Joe Mezz

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Report from the lost battalion

Greeting Troops !

I have been extremely busy with family and work to say the least ....

I am still here and looking forward to getting back into the hobby. I just wanted to let everyone know ... we all have been in this spot for sure with this hobby.

My honey to do list today has allowed me a couple of minutes to stick my head out of the trenches and make this brief but important report. I plan on (hopefully) sealing my command troops today and then moving to the support platoons initial coat of paint.

Please check back in the next couple of days and I am sure to have some pictures up and running.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting the troops motivated ! MOVE MOVE

Hello troopers,

Seems that I have hit a wall recently. The family has been sick almost to a schedule. One is sick and then one gets better and trades a spot with another. Thus is life, no ?

I have my weapons platoon in reserve, primed and ready to paint. The Company officers are completed and waiting for a flat protective coat. I am hoping to start getting the fighting squads at least sanded and place on their respective priming sticks.

And on top of it all, my modeling habits have turned an ugly head. I have been looking at Germans and the thoughts of starting Pioneers have been rushing head. "You need an opposing force for guests" says the evil modeler thought and the good thought is saying "Paint what you can afford". But anyone who is a modeler or hobbyist knows what I am talking about.

HOPEFULLY, I can get the troops "out of the trenches" and onto the blog photos. Please don't be distraught and not stop by. I promise they are coming.

Be safe, keep the brushes moving and don't roll "1"s


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Recon out .... photos soon

Hey Troopers,

I got an hour in today finishing some bases on the command squads and touching up the bazooka squads primer black. As soon as time allows, I am feeling better from the colds recently, I will place them up on the blog.

I finally got some fine hobby sand from Michael's today. I will see how it looks compared to the other bases but I am leaning toward it having better results. Steve has used it and it looks awesome on his bases.

I also started placing some static grasses and other scenery bits. All that is soon to be left is the flat spray to protect the models.

I hope all is well with everyone at your respective HQ's. Be safe, keep painting and rolling them dice.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Status report

Greeting Troops,

Quick status report regarding troop strength. The CO, XO and platoon commands have been based and only require a gloss/semi gloss finish. I have started to get the weapon platoons prepared for initial priming. I also need to get the command team up for the weapons platoon since they were forgotten while placing the others in service.

Head colds were the order of battle this past week. The whole family was fighting them and put a small damper on models and painting in general.

Look this week for some more pics hopefully. Feel free to add yourself as a follower and drop a comment or two.

Be safe, have fun and enjoy spring .....


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Learning the basics ...

Hello troopers !

Sunday, I was able to get some learning the basics in with Steve at his place.

Once arriving we arrived in Steve's game room. I must admit that Steve's inventory of terrain takes the whole game to another level. I don't think there is any gamer that can argue that scenery makes a game. Bravo Steve .... your terrain made learning the basics a treat.

We covered the following during class ... infantry shooting & movement
and assault steps. We used the following to assist my learning process ...

1) US Glider Platoon defending against a German Grenadier Platoon
2) US Glider Platoon defending against German Panzer IVs in the open
3) US Glider Platoon defending against German Panzers in Woods
4) US Glider Platoon defending against German Panzers in Buildings
5) US Glider Platoon attacking a German Grenadier Platoon
6) US Sherman Platoon attacking German Grenadiers in the open
7) US Sherman Platoon attacking German Grenadiers in the Woods

It was a good learning experience. Steve was great in explaining the basics and answered many questions. After those topics we covered basics on mortars and artillery.

After many questions and scenario "what ifs" we played a short game. Steve was in command of 2 German Grenadier Platoons while I commanded 2 US Glider Platoons with light machine guns attached to the infantry and a mortar platoon. The Germans were holding a road vital to US supply lines. The US had to dislodge to win.

Beginning point of US Glider troops, Steve's German positions in the horizon.

Steve's Germans in difficult terrain ...

The first movement phases saw the Americans moving into shooting/assault positions. One platoon took the right flank while the other moved towards the left flank in a pinch maneuver. The mortar platoon began to setup in the middle to prepare the assault with covering fire.

The battle actually fell into two separate but brutal confrontations. The US left flank fell into a quick and dirty fight with the German's entrenched in the woods (difficult terrain). The Americans moved into positions just on the edge of woods facing the German positions. Steve, being a great teacher and aggressive opponent dove into the fight. Shooting phases killed many on both sides just before closing into hand to hand combat. The Germans inflicted heavy casualties on the Americans whom had to fall back. The Germans also took many losses and had to make a morale check which they failed and fled the battle field. The Americans also failed and fled back to the field hospital.

The left flank of the Americans setting up in the woods ... just before the carnage

The Germans getting in range to assault ...

The assault phase hurting both sides .... which caused both factions to flee the field of battle

The German's east flank was approached by the Americans right flank platoon. They were assisted by the US mortar platoon which pinned the German defenders. The Americans had been engaged but due to the mortar cover were able to close into assault phase. The Americans were able to sweep down the German positions but not able to force the Germans out of the road area before the time limit.

US right flank pressing the attack ....

Mortars supporting the attack ....

Another view of nice support fire ...

Hand to hand erupts .... but too little too late.

Good job by the Germans. I found that defensive units dug in could be hard to approach, engage and defeat. I did find out though that support platoons such as my 60mm mortars were vital in my approach.

I had a great time and a huge thanks to Steve for the learning experience and great time I had. I am looking forward to more battles and hope to learn the basics quickly in order to be a challenge to others.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Let the BASES begin !

Hello troopers ...

I finally got around to a little model work and time to myself.

I finished up as much details as I could with the command teams and began to base them. Before I flocked and detailed with static grass I thought I would hit the base edges with GW Bestial Brown 61-13. I noticed that the paint was not going on at all and realized I had not primed the bases. With the weather being the way it is I decided to give a old college try experiment. I took a coarse sanding stick and hit the sloped edges of the bases that I would be painting to give the paint something to "grab" to. I test painted another base and found that it did the trick.

I realized that hitting the edges without anything to grab onto was a tad daunting. So I decided to base the figures and then once dry would paint the edges of the bases. After that is done I will begin to cover the bases.

If you have any suggestions, comments or observations on basing please let me know. Enjoy the pictures ..

Steve and I plan to have some practice maneuvers on Sunday. I will be practicing Infantry basics, defensive positions and various assault maneuvers. I am looking forward to it and will have plenty of pictures to show.

Be safe and keep rolling those dice.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Oh the woes of commanding troops ...

Hello fellow troops !

I mentioned in my last post about having additional pictures from my first battles in Flames of War. I figured I would save the most interesting thoughts and concerns and post them under "What I have learned" mile posts (blog tags).

My first command in battle went as good as I thought it would. The dice were against me most of the time; although that is something a wargamer seems to say all the time. If you could have seen Steve's face at times after my roles of the dice you would laugh. He was a good sport about and I had to chuckle myself. We would have awesome ROF rolls and then produce nothing but a glancing shot off the German tanks. I swear I could hear German tankers laughing at me.

But I did learn how positioning and moving tanks in general could turn the next phase into a shooting gallery. My first lesson was never, never, NEVER use double time across open fields with an enemy platoon is gonna be in striking distance. I thought maybe I could get the platoon of Crusaders within a flanking shot of the Panzers. If there is any good out of the situation I was able to get the 3 tanks across 36" without rolling a 1, which would have broken them down for the rest of the game. The bad news is the Panzers got double ROF when attacking. This resulted in approximately 20 shots fired with 15 of them landing a punch. I don't need to explain the results to any gamer. I think the picture will explain ...

Another thing I learned was approaching villages. One turn you think your covered and the next turn you in some German tanker's sight for a flank shot. These Shermans were approaching the village in the middle of the map. The German tank column turned and got all 3 Shermans in one round of shooting. I must admit my rolling of dice seemed to lend a hand to the Sherman's downfall.

Rolling dice seemed something that anyone could have a decent hand at. I learned that I didn't have the knack yet. "1" rolled numerous times and made me feel my troops were too busy looking at pinups and not practicing shooting. I am sure that any wargamer will agree that the dreaded "1" seems to show up in favor of the opponent every time.

Not giving up is another thing learned my first time out. A group of Grants using high ground and excellent firepower took out the platoon that killed the Shermans. Excellent shooting characteristics of the Grants along with British modifiers worked magic on splitting open German armor. As you can see by this photo ...

As Steve mentioned in these battles ... FOW is like Chess. Learning the basics is easy but mastering all the moves takes a lifetime. I can't remember the exact phrase but that was close and a good phrase.

I hope to add more to this mile post (blog tag) as my battles and experience happens.

Till then .... enjoy the blog and feel free to leave comments


Battle Hymn 09

Hello fellow troops !

Well ..... Battle Hymn 09 has come and gone once again.

The turnout was once again very high. The show consisted of various models, the wargames miniatures section and car/military vehicles on display. And of course the vendors were in full force. The cub scouts were there in high numbers as well. Its good to see their motivation and hope that the model hobby as well as the miniature wargaming sticks as a hobby for them.

Once arriving I headed straight over to the wargame area. I had plans to find Steve and his Battle of El Alamein. It wasn't hard to find since it was the only desert table in the area. I introduced myself and Steve allowed me to help control his British forces on the table.

Taking on the Nazis controlled by Tom was a task that any experienced FOW general would find daunting, I found it a humbling experience to say the least. A fun time but very humbling.

As I took control, the British were already deployed since Steve was running the game before I arrived. A true sportsman and a great teacher he allowed me to role the dice and ask many many questions.

We had two objectives. One being Rommel himself and the other a supply depot. The British in this scenario did not have any objectives thus forcing us into an attack role. The scenario only allowed tanks being a easy way to learn the game. The map consisted of a main road splitting the board and t'ed off towards two separate villages. There was olive groves, various hills/ridges and some marshes. The marshes were an interesting use of small bases with some vegetation spread out among a large bases of tan. The buildings were 15mm in design and made the map feel so much more a desert reality. Excellent setup !

My first kill some an awesome shot from a British Sherman tank. Well to tell the true it was the only thing my Shermans did in the first game I played. The kill occurred as we attempted to flank the German position surrounding Rommel's HQ. It was the only shot we placed and killed in this attempt. The victorious Sherman was rewarded by being tagged by a returning German fire and his OIC failed his moral test and retreated from the battle. The Grant platoon was singled out and destroyed in later rounds without much effect.

While the above flanking maneuver was taking place we sent a 1 platoon of British Shermans and 1 platoon of British Crusaders down the main road to split up the defending Germans.

It is here that we had a German response with the OIC leading the attack on our Shermans attempting to flank again through a gap next to the buildings in the horizon. The Crusaders lacked armor but had excellent tank killing power. They moved to attempt cover fire.

On the opposite side of the map we had 1 platoon of British Grants and 1 platoon of British Crusaders. Their objective was the supply depot near a village and olive grove. We moved them onto of an excellent hill for exploiting our 2 shot advantage per Grant. The Grants in this scenario led in kills and were one of the most effective firing units we had. We poured fire into units defending the supply depot and you could almost hear the rounds punching through the German armor.

We also had the Grants provide cover fire for the middle advance. A couple more kills achieved with great shooting from the British crews. But alas the middle advance was destroyed by superior German armor and my horrible dice rolling.
Things began to crumble as the German armor turned its ugly head to the remaining British forces. Once the eastern forces were no longer a threat; the defending Olive grove forces moved to engage our remaining Grants and Crusaders. Slowly our forces were opened up like tin cans although we took out some Germans with us.

It was a great game for being my first. Steve was excellent in explaining the basic rules and making the game fun to learn. I thank Steve tons for allowing to participate and making it a great day. I look forward to playing future games with Steve and Tom. Revenge of the burning British tanks will be had .... maybe.

I have more pictures from a second game that we played. But since the carnage was so great I will be posting it later as a "Things I learned not to do".

Till then .... be safe, keep painting and practice the dice rolling (I need to for sure). And remember, the 327th GIR is forming and looking to make its mark on the table.

Be safe ....


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Command finally shows up !

Greetings troops !

I finally got around to painting some after the stomach bug marched through out the house.

A 2nd coat finally got to the command squads. The colors seemed to go on fairly well. Although there seems to be a tad touch up in some areas the figures look good from a distance for 15mm. I used Vallejo Khaki 988 for the main field jackets, US Field Drab 873 for the trousers, Green Grey 886 for webbing/gators and Red Leather 818 for the boots.

After looking through my paints I realized that I didn't have some colors I needed. I was able to find Games Workshop Dwarf Flesh 61-21 for the initial skin tones and Scorched Brown 61-12 for the rifles in my paint stores.

I decided to "complete" the CO figures first for a test run on how I wanted my figures. I based all figures with black. Then I covered the figures in the Khaki and US Field Drab in the respective areas. I only left the boots, rifles/weapons and skin areas black. In doing this all details were covered by the "major" colors. I then went back and placed detail colors. Please let me know what you think ... it will help determine in some degree how I am going to approach the other figures.

My camera was acting up so please forgive the photos if they are not the best. I need to figure out the best setting so my work can be critiqued.

This weekend is the Battle Hymn at RIR in Richmond VA. I plan to take troops into action in two games for Flames of War. El Alamein ran by Steve Maclauchlan (a fellow blog reader) and an EW France 1940 scenario ran by Ron Bingham. These will be my first trial by fire games. I look forward to them and hope to have some great AARs and experience to build on.

Enjoy the pics, let me know what you think I could improve on ...

Be safe


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Still here, slightly hidden ...

Hello Soldiers !

I am still here. The house was assaulted by the stomach bug and its put a halt to the painting recently. My family is in town and a couple of them got it and had to recover. Hopefully I can get to some painting today or in the next couple of days. I will see and try to get them up this evening.

Battle Hymn 09 here in Richmond is around the corner. Hopefully I can get into one of the Flames of War battles and participate as an XO status if you will. I would love to get a battle report up on the site this month and with the Battle Hymn coming at the end of the month it is surely possible.

Keep the comments coming. I love talking the hobby and history in general. Thanks to all the followers and readers. Please feel free to stop by anytime and share comments.

Till the next round of photos (soon I am hoping), be safe and keep rolling those dice


PS - Congrates to Rob and Jessica, owners of Waterloo minis whom are proud parents of a baby girl Annastasia Elizabeth born this week ! Congrates once again !

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Look Sarge, I see colors !

Sorry for the long delay in updates. The in-laws were in town so painting was at a stand still. These pictures are of the 1st coat of paint on my command squads. So far so good. I think I may run a couple of them with some diluted ink to help bring out the details.

I am home with the dang stomach bug flu that is going around. It hit me like a truck at the fire station the other night and I had to go home. So .... with that in mind I am not in the blogging mood but felt I at least wanted to get these pics up of my readers.

Any suggestions ? I like the Popsicle sticks since it helps make it easier to handle the figures while painting. I haven't decided it is easier to hit the large areas with the primary and then go back to hit the details OR hit the large areas trying not to hit the details, thus hitting them later with the correct paint. Any takes on that ?

Well ..... short but sweet. Take care & be safe