Friday, March 6, 2009

Let the BASES begin !

Hello troopers ...

I finally got around to a little model work and time to myself.

I finished up as much details as I could with the command teams and began to base them. Before I flocked and detailed with static grass I thought I would hit the base edges with GW Bestial Brown 61-13. I noticed that the paint was not going on at all and realized I had not primed the bases. With the weather being the way it is I decided to give a old college try experiment. I took a coarse sanding stick and hit the sloped edges of the bases that I would be painting to give the paint something to "grab" to. I test painted another base and found that it did the trick.

I realized that hitting the edges without anything to grab onto was a tad daunting. So I decided to base the figures and then once dry would paint the edges of the bases. After that is done I will begin to cover the bases.

If you have any suggestions, comments or observations on basing please let me know. Enjoy the pictures ..

Steve and I plan to have some practice maneuvers on Sunday. I will be practicing Infantry basics, defensive positions and various assault maneuvers. I am looking forward to it and will have plenty of pictures to show.

Be safe and keep rolling those dice.


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