Saturday, February 27, 2010

Save some money .... stay home and paint !

Greetings Troops,

Well ..... today is a good day.  I am off from work so that is a bonus.  Although I didn't get to sleep in due to dogs and 2 month old awaking at the first sign of sunlight.  The Old Dominion Model show is today and I have made a command decision not to attend.

Shocked ?  Don't be since I have my reasons.  One, I hate going by myself.  Two, money can be saved both in gas and not purchasing anything I don't need at this time.  Three, I have many models already to paint. Four, after painting I need to get some studying in.  Five, the wife and daughter are going on a girls day out so I have some peace and quiet around the house.  Many reasons .... all valid in one shape or form.

Today I finished "sanding" the mortar bases and began basing on the machine gun stands.  Here are some pictures.

I also am steadily working on my 1st squad of 1st platoon ....

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday .... relax, enjoy and get some hobby time for yourself.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

First finished models of 2010

Hello Troops

I got a recent stomach bug and was home today from work.  Once the nausea and continuous trips to the bathroom dropped off I attacked some models and completed my bazooka stands for Flames of War.

I matted the troops before placing the greens on the stands.  Half hour later I was able to complete them.

I also cleaned up some prime job on my infantry stands.  Nothing to photo .... just letting you know the progress.

Enjoy !


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Operation First Entry ? ...... and the troops

Greetings Troops,

I was lucky enough to get a couple of things done today.

1 ... I was able to prime my 1st platoon before it started to rain this afternoon.  At least I can get them going and based within the week.  Unfortuantely, I was ready to mat finish the bazooka stands just as it started to rain.  I decided I would paint and base the squads, mat finish them and then add the grass etc.

2 ... I worked a little on my Battle Sister.  I think she is coming out good.  It is hard to get a decent picture for your readers to decide.  But here are some shots of her.  The contest is Saturday.

3 ... Research is beginning for a German force to participate in some Eastern Front action.  My friend Steve and I decided to start at the Battle of Kursk and go from there moving into the late war.

Enjoy, be safe ...... feel free to comment and tell your friends to join the site.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Primer Time .... Can't touch this !

Greetings Troops,

The local weatherman is calling for 50 degrees today !  I can finally get out and prime some models to keep the assembling of my glider troops.  I was hoping the opportunity would come after weeks of snow and brutal cold.  I don't have a convenient location to prime in the winter time so it is frustrating to say the least.

Do you have any solutions or ways around the confining winter months ?

I wasn't able to get the game on Thursday ..... no problem it will happen soon.  I was itching to roll some dice for the first game of the year though.

Here is some pictures of the newbies ready for priming.

The mortar and machine gun stands starting the basing process.

** I need to order some paint since the browns I was using to base with have dried up.  Talk about blow to the hobby moral. ***

Enjoy ......


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Quiet time taken advantage of ....

Morning Troops,

I had some free time this am to get some painting done on the FOW troops.  The little one is at daycare and the dogs were sleeping so it made perfect sense to grab the paint and get going.

Here are some updated photos of my weapons platoon squads.  I still have the skin, weapons and leather to complete.  After that will be basing.  I also need to varnish with matte as well but the weather has been extremely cold ..... I don't want to ruin them with cold weather attempts.

Is that a Blimp ? Nope ..... a Lazy finger ....

I have an engagement planned against some Germans this Thursday evening.  I am not sure if I will write the AAR but Steve, whom is the author of the blog What Would Patton Do ? is running the game and sure to make an AAR regarding the battle.

Quick post.  Enjoy the pictures.  Be safe and paint, paint, paint !


FOW work ...

Hello Troopers,

The family went to bed early the other night so I took advantage of some paint time and worked on the support platoon of my glider company.

XBOX 360 was annoying me which helped me get some painting done.  MW2 online has been plagued with a glitch we gamers are referring to as the "Care package glitch".  In the game you have a option for a perk to have supply crates drop after reaching a certain number of kills.  These crates drop everything from ammo, predator missile strikes and numerous aircraft support.  Well if you successfully pull off a flurry of key movements you get these unlimited supply drops.  Eventually the skies are filled with numerous helicopters, Harrier jump jets and AC-130 gunships.  Needless to say the sportsmanship and fun is totally destroyed.  BUT it helps with other hobbies ..... in the sense I get my butt offline and painting.

Back to the more relaxing hobby of painting.  I have a quick question I was hoping to get feed back on. When painting the 30 and 50 cal machine guns for WWII minis ..... is the weapon painting black/gun metal or the metal green that was used on bazookas ?  I couldn't think for the life of me what was correct.

Here are some updated photos of the support troops.  Enjoy ....

Keep the paint flowing and be safe !


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cold ..... Winter Wonderland

Hello Troops,

As a fellow blogger Mordian7th stated in his blog, the Northeast is "set" to Hoth setting.  Snow is falling and I know its bad when my wife calls and says "I am turning around, traffic is barely moving.  I am not even at work yet."  Mind you, my wife is a northern gal.  She left for work at 7 this morning.  Got to love the South :)

Well ...... with that in mind I have to work myself today at the local bookstore.  Should be interesting to say the least.  Good thing is I don't have far to drive at all. 

I was trying to motivate myself to paint this am.  Dang XBOX 360 had other things in store for me ..... Bioshock.  I know the sequel is hitting the shelves but I needed to play this one before moving on to the new (and great looking graphics) Bioshock II.  Sad thing is its a great game and has drawn me in to time flying by.  My xbox live screen name is jmezz382 ....... feel free to hit me up online.

I hit some of my FOW troops this am.  I wanted to hit the Battle sister I am entering but with time constraints I didn't want to rush painting.  Unfortunately I only got a good half hour in ..... between a 20 month old and 2 dogs causing confusion and chaos; lol.

Local FOW players have recently formed up the Central Virginia Flames of War club.  I am looking forward to meeting everyone and getting my troops to the table.

Enjoy the update pictures.  Be safe ...... and if your on the East Coast, stay warm and be safe shoveling snow.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blood Bowl

Hello Troopers,

In honor of the American Superbowl today I thought I would mention Blood Bowl .....

I have no experience in this game by GW.  Although of other trooper blogs I can see it is popular enough to have leagues and many teams to choose from.

Does anyone have an interesting story or experience with the game system ?  I know that XBOX 360 recently had a game come out for Blood Bowl.  Unfortunately though it is not getting huge ratings.

Chime in ..... cheer for your favorite team !  I am supporting the Colts since I am an AFC supporter.