Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blood Bowl

Hello Troopers,

In honor of the American Superbowl today I thought I would mention Blood Bowl .....

I have no experience in this game by GW.  Although of other trooper blogs I can see it is popular enough to have leagues and many teams to choose from.

Does anyone have an interesting story or experience with the game system ?  I know that XBOX 360 recently had a game come out for Blood Bowl.  Unfortunately though it is not getting huge ratings.

Chime in ..... cheer for your favorite team !  I am supporting the Colts since I am an AFC supporter.



  1. I've never played Blood Bowl but I've always wanted to. It looks like a ton of fun.

  2. I saw the PC Blood Bowl in action, and it looks like as long as you're playing it turn-based (instead of "Madden" style) it should be enjoyable. The reviews might be of people just looking for a 'fantasy football' video game and they may not be aware of all the history it has.

    The tabletop game of Blood Bowl itself is fantastic. I hear the latest living rulebook is pretty lackluster, but I have fond memories of the game.

    As for tonight, I don't know. The Colts are so vanilla, but the Saints bug me to no end.