Saturday, February 27, 2010

Save some money .... stay home and paint !

Greetings Troops,

Well ..... today is a good day.  I am off from work so that is a bonus.  Although I didn't get to sleep in due to dogs and 2 month old awaking at the first sign of sunlight.  The Old Dominion Model show is today and I have made a command decision not to attend.

Shocked ?  Don't be since I have my reasons.  One, I hate going by myself.  Two, money can be saved both in gas and not purchasing anything I don't need at this time.  Three, I have many models already to paint. Four, after painting I need to get some studying in.  Five, the wife and daughter are going on a girls day out so I have some peace and quiet around the house.  Many reasons .... all valid in one shape or form.

Today I finished "sanding" the mortar bases and began basing on the machine gun stands.  Here are some pictures.

I also am steadily working on my 1st squad of 1st platoon ....

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday .... relax, enjoy and get some hobby time for yourself.



  1. Looking good!
    And all i did Saturday was buying stuff for my computer.
    I too have enough stuff laying around that needs painting so no buying any new stuff soon....i think. ;)

  2. Thanks Hein,

    Yeah .... I can't justify full out spending. But if a model needs a different color paint or some minor detail pieces that is within budget. lol