Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Present and Accounted For !

Greetings troops,

     Still here.  Although I haven't had much posting time on the blog.  Much on the plate of life for sure.

     My wife and I have had the blessing of our second child Sophia being born earlier this week.  She is a beautiful baby and we are extremely happy that she has joined our family.  My oldest daughter and dog seem especially happy.  So as you can imagine we have our hands full in the house at this time.

     I am diligently working on 2 commissions as we speak.  I posted earlier about them.  Steve of WWPD fame and friend of mine has trusted me with his Bolt Action Russian Infantry.  I am proud to say I have presented him with 2/3's of the 57 man set from Plastic Soldier Company.  I am working on his 3rd squad of 15 men as I type.  I still have his Heavy Weapons Support and 45 mm AT gun in que.

     The second commission of mine is for my friend Judson of the Bolt Action WWPD website fame.  I have finished 10 of his British Infantry for Cold Wars, PA next month.  I will also be getting to him 4 British Engineers and 1 British Commando carrying a wounded fellow.  I still am working on 15 of his British infantry and have a mortar team as well as a 17 pounder in que for him.

     I will be getting pictures up of the finished British soon most likely in the next couple of days.  I will also be posting Wargaming Wednesday photos too!  I want to try and work on the ongoing Savage Mezz Zombie story and get a posting out as well soon.  Thank you so much for being patient.

     I do have a request from my readers.  Since GW renamed all the paints in their line I am a touch lost looking for my favorites.  I am looking for a wash that is purple in nature.  I believe it used to be called Leviathan? Can anyone help me with the new name of it ?

I look forward to getting some more post out to you, the readers! Enjoy

Keep the paint flowing and the dice rolling !

Joe ... aka Mezz