Friday, January 28, 2011

US Engineers Platoon - FOW

Greetings troops,

The following pictures are of the US Engineers Platoon I completed last year.  The teams without grass are not matte'd due to the winter time and it being cold.  Once spring comes I will coat them and add the grass.

The unit includes the platoon leader, 2 squads of engineers (2 stands per squad), 1 squad of HMGs (2 stands).  The unit also has the reserve engineer stands you can swap out the HMG for (2 stands) and 3 bazookas.

This platoon is a support option for both my MW and LW US armies.  I will be including a 2 1/2 truck for supplies as well ...

Enjoy, and Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling ...

Joe ... aka Mezz

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mezz's Savage New World (3)

5 miles outside of our town is the local mining district.  Union ran by some big wigs back east, it functions practically by itself.  It consists of the mine, living quarters for the single miners, houses for the miners with families, saloon, hardware store and general store.  Anything the minng town of Orville doesn't have they make the 2 mile trip to larger Dunn's Nook.

Simon needed a drink of water.  He awoke from his sleep in a drenching sweat but shivering as if he was in a snowstorm.  He kicked off his blanket and walked to the door leading outside.  The moon was out in full glory so no worries about finding the water pump.  A couple of pumps later, Simon had 3 mugs of water down with no end to his thirst.  He kneeled on one knee as he attempted to quench the undying thirst.

Suddenly without warning he doubled over to his knees.  It felt as if his stomach would explode.  He began to curse the new camp cook for what he ate.  Its got to be bad food, thought Simon.  He got up and began to look for his boss.  The night shift was beginning soon and Simon felt as if he would be useless in the mines.

Matter of fact, Simon felt awkward ever since the Flash occurred.  He couldn't place his finger on it but something was not right.  He wasn't the only one.  Others in his crew have had numerous aliments and complaints of thirst and chills.  The camp doctor has been busy with sick call and was just as confused.

The supervisor's office was adjacent to the mine shaft entrance.  Simon knocked and heard Kyle acknowledge. "Crud Simon, you look like death warmed over." Kyle said as he pushed away from his desk.

"I am a no go tonight boss. I feel like crap." Simon said with a shrug.

"Well I can see that.  Your the 4th guy to bang in tonight.  We are going down shaft with only 8 guys." Kyle said feeling guilty in his attempt to paint a picture to Simon.

Simon nodded.  The bosses back East have been riding the supervisors hard lately.  Kyle handed him a mug of coffee. "Freshly made, it will help some."  Simon grabbed the mug and noticed something odd with his hand.  His hand appeared different, his fingers slightly longer, nails beginning to point sharply.  Quickly he moved his hand away from Kyle and looked at his other hand.  Unfortunately the same held true.

"You ok Simon ?" Kyle said. "You growing a beard ? Or just not up to shaving this week ?"

"I shaved this morning Kyle." Simon said as suddenly a loud scream came from the mine.  The two ran from the office and ran towards the mine shaft.  A green glow was streaming from the mine as 2nd shift miners were running for their lives. 

Kyle grabbed the nearest miner. "What the heck is going on ?!?"

"Mine explosion ! Green light as far as you can see!" The miner shoved away and took flight.  Kyle turned in horror and saw Simon standing there with his mouth open in shock.

"Simon, did you see that man ?" Kyle stuttered. 

Simon nodded. "That was not a man! That man had a tail like a rat !"

** Stay tuned for more **

Joe ... aka Mezz

US Sherman Platoon - FOW

Greetings troops,

This is my US Sherman platoon that I finished in 2010.  The platoon leader is the tank with him out of the turret along with no 50 cal.  All other tanks have the 50 cal, but the commander sitting out of the hatch would have made the turret too clustered in my opinion if I included his 50 cal.

The platoon is made up of the platoon leader and 4 tanks.  This platoon has served me in support for my US Glider Infantry, US 3rd ID and soon the 1st ID "Big Red 1".

Thanks to the awesome generosity from the guys over at The View From the Turret, I have 5 more Shermans and 5 76mm Shermans to add to the ranks to make an armor company as well.

Enjoy the pictures.  Also let it be known if you need to contact me for any WWPD:News from the Front related questions you can address them to

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling !

Joe ... aka Mezz

Monday, January 24, 2011

WWPD: News from the Front - Episode 11

Greetings troops,

Episode 11 has been recorded and is up for your listening pleasure.

You can get the links and more information by the provided links ...

You can also obtain the episode on iTunes.  We hope you enjoy the cast as much as we enjoy recording it.

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling ....

Joe ... aka Mezz

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ambush in the Noob Zone ...

Greetings troops,

This week I will be addressing Ambush rules for FOW. It is an important aspect that has won and lost games for me, whether I am " dropping " the ambush hammer or the one getting hammered.

So with that in mind, sound off with your ambush questions and I will incorporate them into the WWPD News from the Front podcast.

Joe ... aka Mezz
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sound off ... Full Thrust VS Firestorm Armada

Greeting troops,

I have had a recent twitch for some space combat.  I know that Firestorm Armada is popular right now and the models look fabulous.  I have also some basic knowledge of Full Thrust.  So my question is .... anyone have a preference or experience to lean this general one side or the other ?

A brief yet small request to my blogging family.

Joe ... aka Mezz

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Zombies !!!

Greetings troops,

Recently, during the holiday season I was able to venture off and grab a new board game called Zombies !!

The game is made by Twilight Creations.  Currently there is 9 expansions to this game along with numerous other great games.  You can see for your self all the game goodies at Twilight Creations

The game (in its 2nd edition) comes with the following:
  • Humans with shotguns (of course)
  • Event cards
  • Game tiles (city tiles with streets and buildings)
  • Zombies (male and female)
  • Bullet tokens and life tokens
  • 2 - 6 sided dice
I was able to get a game in with my friend Ian the other day.  Although I didn't get any game shots we had a great time.  The mechanics were easy to grasp after a couple of rounds and our first game went smooth.  We were only playing with 2 players but the game is able to have up to six.  To make the game interesting, when it came time to move zombies I rolled and moved them on Ian's turn and vice versa.

In true gaming fashion, I lost.  Ian was able to make it to the helipad and lift off. 

Two thumbs up.  I recommend it to all.  It is great for the younger gamers in the family due to the simple game mechanics.

Keep an eye out ... I have some FOW pics coming this week of some bail out markers.  We are also getting WWPD: Episode 11 in production for the end of the week. A nice gaming week !

Keep the Dice rolling and the Paint flowing ....

Joe .... aka Mezz

Monday, January 17, 2011

WWPD: News from the Front - Episode 10

Greetings troops,

Just a friendly reminder that WWPD:NFTF Episode 10 is in full effect for listening pleasure.

You can click the link for the file or hit up iTunes and search WWPD.

WWPD: News from the Front

Joe ... aka Mezz

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mezz's Savage New World (2)

In the last posting for Mezz's Savage New World I posted the character sheet For William McCoy.  This posting will be the character sheet for Jeff Savage, US Marshall.

McCoy and Savage walked across the street to the sheriff's office.  The sheriff's office had a front desk near the door, the sheriff's main office, a spare room and the lockup.  Simple and yet to the point.

"You can have the spare room.  There is a bunk and a closet for your things.  Here's a set of keys for the office, lock up and gun cabinet." McCoy tossed the keys towards Savage.

"Thanks, anyone else have access or just me?" Savage sat down and put his feet up on the desk.

"Nope.  I haven't had a chance to swear in any deputies ... yet.  Last sheriff was ran out of town by the local gang running rampant in this region." McCoy glanced out the window. "Amazed they haven't peeped their ugly heads out today."

"The day is young, my good sheriff." Savage smiled and walked over to the gun cabinet. The standard single and double barreled shotguns along with some Winchester Rifles were inside.

Suddenly the familiar sound of pistol fire was in the air.  Savage grabbed his pistols and walked to the door.  "Shall we go and meet our misunderstood citizens my good Sheriff ?"

"I spoke too soon, I have the worst luck." McCoy shook his head and walked out to greet the commotion.

Character Sheet

Name: Jeff Savage (Novice Experience)
Occupation: US Marshall
Race: Human
Pace: 6"
  • Agility (d8)
  • Smarts (d6)
  • Spirit (d6)
  • Strength (d8)
  • Vigor (d6)
  • Charisma  (0)
  • Parry (2+ half of Fighting Skill) (6)
  • Toughness (2+ half of Vigor)  (5)
    • Fighting (Agility) d8
    • Guts (Spirit) d4
    • Investigation (Smarts) d6
    • Notice (Smarts) d4
    • Riding (Agility) d6
    • Shooting (Agility) d8
    • Tracking (Smarts) d6
    Major Hindrance:
    • Curious - Wants to know everything

    Minor Hindrance:
    • Doubting Thomas - Character doesn't believe in the Supernatural
    • Phobia - Fear of Water, -2 for trait tests involving water

    • Connections (Novice) - Can call upon powerful friends or favors
    • Quick Draw (Novice, Agility d8) - draws weapons as a free action

    • Clothing, including Cowboy hat and boots - n/a
    • Colt Pistols (x2) - 400 coins
    • Boot Knife - 25 coins
    • Coins in Pocket - 75 coins
    ** Weapon stats at a later date **

    I am so looking forward to testing these characters with this new system. Stay tuned !

    Joe ... aka Mezz

    Friday, January 7, 2011

    Mezz's Savage World

    Recently I was able to purchase Savage Worlds - Explorer's Edition with some holiday money.  I have been following a fellow blogger's blog Savage Timmy's Playhouse that has been using this ruleset and was impressed with the game mechanics.  So without further delay ... introducing one of my 2011 goals.  Mezz's Savage New World.

    The saloon was slow considering it was a weekend.  McCoy glanced around the bar and noticed nothing that caught his eye.  Out of town visitors seemed to be slowing down since the Flash.  Matter of fact, everything seemed to be slowing down since the Flash. 

    McCoy looked left and saw a new face in town.  He appeared to be a government type.  Plain and serious.  Loner with no one else sitting with him.  McCoy ordered another shot and made his approach down the bar.

    "New to town ?" McCoy said glancing for any signs of movement or weapons.

    "Just got here." The stranger muttered.  "Been riding a stagecoach for a week. Figured this saloon was a nice stop as any." He took another shot and another ordered. "Are you the welcoming committee ?"

    McCoy smiled and shifted his weight to his gun hip. "Yes, you can say that.  I am sherriff for these parts.  I welcome every new face." 

    The stranger looked up and smiled. "Good to know. Name's Jeff. Jeff Savage. US Marshall at your service."  The marshall opened his jacket and branished his badge. McCoy felt a wash of ease and sat next to Savage.  Waving to the bartender, McCoy signalled for 2 more shots.

    "I know I was riding a stagecoach for a week.  And I know things seem to get hazy but I swear I am losing it.  Yesterday, a flash occured like the sun hitting a mirror but so bright I had to shield my eyes.  Know anything of it ?"

    McCoy shrugged.  "I saw it too.  Matter of fact the whole town saw it and talking about it. Other than that it is just gossip about town, nothing more or less."

    Standing up, McCoy motioned to Savage to grab the scotch.  "We can head over to the sherriff's office and get ya settled in.  I will fill you in on the town gossip and clicks."

    Character Sheet

    Name: William McCoy (Novice Experience)
    Occupation: Town Sherriff
    Race: Human
    Pace: 6"
    • Agility (d8)
    • Smarts (d6)
    • Spirit (d6)
    • Strength (d8)
    • Vigor (d6)
    • Shooting (Agility) d8
    • Riding (Agility) d8
    • Streetwise (Smarts) d6
    • Tracking (Smarts) d6
    • Swimming (Agility) d8
    • Survival (Smarts) d6
    Major Hinderance :
    • Bad Luck (-1 benny each session)
    Minor Hinderances:
    • Loyal (never betrays his friends)
    • All Thumbs (-2 on Repairs, Roll of 1 causes malfunction)
    • Quick Draw (Novice, Agility d8) may draw weapon as free action
    • Alertness (Novice) +2 Notice
    Gear (Load Limt 40 pounds - Stregth d8 X 5 = 40)
    • Basic Clothing including Cowboy hat, boots etc
    • Boot Knife - 25 coins
    • Colt Pistol - 200 coins
    • Double Barrel Shotgun - 150 coins
    • Coins in pocket - 125
    ** Weapon stats to be listed at a later date. **

    More to come, stay tuned .... Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice Rolling ...

    Joe aka Mezz

    Monday, January 3, 2011

    Star Wars Adventure

    Hello Troops,

    With the New Year comes getting the cobwebs out and working on past projects.  Please visit my Star Wars RPG Blog and follow along. I recently made a new post and it will follow along past RPG gaming with Steve, Sean and Lydia !

    Planet's Doom - Star Wars RPG

    Thanks and Enjoy ....

    Joe ... aka Mezz

    Greetings 2011

    Hello Troops,

    I thought I would just post a brief hello for the New Year.  Family plans have the painting on a halt for the next week or so but before that I was able to get the remaining 81mm US mortars done as well as the remaining US Sherman tank.  I need to purchase a 2 1/2 ton truck for my pioneers and finish the hedge cutters for my tanks for a tournament at the Williamsburg Muster in Feburary.

    Some plans for the New Year include ...

    • Tournament in Feburary - Williamsburg Muster
    • Tournament in March - Cold Wars, PA
    • Early War Flames of War Army Building - Germans
    • CY6 action and squadron building
    • Scenery and terrain building for gaming at home or away
    I am sure that list will be changing as the year develops but you can get the idea.  So what are the plans of the troops for the New Year ? Feel free to let me know.  I will be sharing that info with the gang at WWPD for an upcoming podcast.

    Be safe and have a Happy New Year 2011 .... Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice Rolling !

    Joe ... aka Mezz