Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mezz's Savage New World (3)

5 miles outside of our town is the local mining district.  Union ran by some big wigs back east, it functions practically by itself.  It consists of the mine, living quarters for the single miners, houses for the miners with families, saloon, hardware store and general store.  Anything the minng town of Orville doesn't have they make the 2 mile trip to larger Dunn's Nook.

Simon needed a drink of water.  He awoke from his sleep in a drenching sweat but shivering as if he was in a snowstorm.  He kicked off his blanket and walked to the door leading outside.  The moon was out in full glory so no worries about finding the water pump.  A couple of pumps later, Simon had 3 mugs of water down with no end to his thirst.  He kneeled on one knee as he attempted to quench the undying thirst.

Suddenly without warning he doubled over to his knees.  It felt as if his stomach would explode.  He began to curse the new camp cook for what he ate.  Its got to be bad food, thought Simon.  He got up and began to look for his boss.  The night shift was beginning soon and Simon felt as if he would be useless in the mines.

Matter of fact, Simon felt awkward ever since the Flash occurred.  He couldn't place his finger on it but something was not right.  He wasn't the only one.  Others in his crew have had numerous aliments and complaints of thirst and chills.  The camp doctor has been busy with sick call and was just as confused.

The supervisor's office was adjacent to the mine shaft entrance.  Simon knocked and heard Kyle acknowledge. "Crud Simon, you look like death warmed over." Kyle said as he pushed away from his desk.

"I am a no go tonight boss. I feel like crap." Simon said with a shrug.

"Well I can see that.  Your the 4th guy to bang in tonight.  We are going down shaft with only 8 guys." Kyle said feeling guilty in his attempt to paint a picture to Simon.

Simon nodded.  The bosses back East have been riding the supervisors hard lately.  Kyle handed him a mug of coffee. "Freshly made, it will help some."  Simon grabbed the mug and noticed something odd with his hand.  His hand appeared different, his fingers slightly longer, nails beginning to point sharply.  Quickly he moved his hand away from Kyle and looked at his other hand.  Unfortunately the same held true.

"You ok Simon ?" Kyle said. "You growing a beard ? Or just not up to shaving this week ?"

"I shaved this morning Kyle." Simon said as suddenly a loud scream came from the mine.  The two ran from the office and ran towards the mine shaft.  A green glow was streaming from the mine as 2nd shift miners were running for their lives. 

Kyle grabbed the nearest miner. "What the heck is going on ?!?"

"Mine explosion ! Green light as far as you can see!" The miner shoved away and took flight.  Kyle turned in horror and saw Simon standing there with his mouth open in shock.

"Simon, did you see that man ?" Kyle stuttered. 

Simon nodded. "That was not a man! That man had a tail like a rat !"

** Stay tuned for more **

Joe ... aka Mezz


  1. Thanks ! ... it is only just begun

  2. There's Warpstone in there hills!

  3. Ha, that was supposed to say, "THEM there hills"...curses!

  4. Very interesting setup - I look forward to future installments

  5. Glad you guys like it ! I am liking these Savage World rules more and more !