Thursday, January 27, 2011

US Sherman Platoon - FOW

Greetings troops,

This is my US Sherman platoon that I finished in 2010.  The platoon leader is the tank with him out of the turret along with no 50 cal.  All other tanks have the 50 cal, but the commander sitting out of the hatch would have made the turret too clustered in my opinion if I included his 50 cal.

The platoon is made up of the platoon leader and 4 tanks.  This platoon has served me in support for my US Glider Infantry, US 3rd ID and soon the 1st ID "Big Red 1".

Thanks to the awesome generosity from the guys over at The View From the Turret, I have 5 more Shermans and 5 76mm Shermans to add to the ranks to make an armor company as well.

Enjoy the pictures.  Also let it be known if you need to contact me for any WWPD:News from the Front related questions you can address them to

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling !

Joe ... aka Mezz


  1. Look good. I'm finishing some of these myself tonight. Started the first varnish coat so hopefully can lay on the dullcoat tomorrow night. Pretty good going for me (basecoat to finish in just two weeks... I'm a slow painter!).

  2. Thanks BigLee .... I am sure yours will look great