Friday, January 7, 2011

Mezz's Savage World

Recently I was able to purchase Savage Worlds - Explorer's Edition with some holiday money.  I have been following a fellow blogger's blog Savage Timmy's Playhouse that has been using this ruleset and was impressed with the game mechanics.  So without further delay ... introducing one of my 2011 goals.  Mezz's Savage New World.

The saloon was slow considering it was a weekend.  McCoy glanced around the bar and noticed nothing that caught his eye.  Out of town visitors seemed to be slowing down since the Flash.  Matter of fact, everything seemed to be slowing down since the Flash. 

McCoy looked left and saw a new face in town.  He appeared to be a government type.  Plain and serious.  Loner with no one else sitting with him.  McCoy ordered another shot and made his approach down the bar.

"New to town ?" McCoy said glancing for any signs of movement or weapons.

"Just got here." The stranger muttered.  "Been riding a stagecoach for a week. Figured this saloon was a nice stop as any." He took another shot and another ordered. "Are you the welcoming committee ?"

McCoy smiled and shifted his weight to his gun hip. "Yes, you can say that.  I am sherriff for these parts.  I welcome every new face." 

The stranger looked up and smiled. "Good to know. Name's Jeff. Jeff Savage. US Marshall at your service."  The marshall opened his jacket and branished his badge. McCoy felt a wash of ease and sat next to Savage.  Waving to the bartender, McCoy signalled for 2 more shots.

"I know I was riding a stagecoach for a week.  And I know things seem to get hazy but I swear I am losing it.  Yesterday, a flash occured like the sun hitting a mirror but so bright I had to shield my eyes.  Know anything of it ?"

McCoy shrugged.  "I saw it too.  Matter of fact the whole town saw it and talking about it. Other than that it is just gossip about town, nothing more or less."

Standing up, McCoy motioned to Savage to grab the scotch.  "We can head over to the sherriff's office and get ya settled in.  I will fill you in on the town gossip and clicks."

Character Sheet

Name: William McCoy (Novice Experience)
Occupation: Town Sherriff
Race: Human
Pace: 6"
  • Agility (d8)
  • Smarts (d6)
  • Spirit (d6)
  • Strength (d8)
  • Vigor (d6)
  • Shooting (Agility) d8
  • Riding (Agility) d8
  • Streetwise (Smarts) d6
  • Tracking (Smarts) d6
  • Swimming (Agility) d8
  • Survival (Smarts) d6
Major Hinderance :
  • Bad Luck (-1 benny each session)
Minor Hinderances:
  • Loyal (never betrays his friends)
  • All Thumbs (-2 on Repairs, Roll of 1 causes malfunction)
  • Quick Draw (Novice, Agility d8) may draw weapon as free action
  • Alertness (Novice) +2 Notice
Gear (Load Limt 40 pounds - Stregth d8 X 5 = 40)
  • Basic Clothing including Cowboy hat, boots etc
  • Boot Knife - 25 coins
  • Colt Pistol - 200 coins
  • Double Barrel Shotgun - 150 coins
  • Coins in pocket - 125
** Weapon stats to be listed at a later date. **

More to come, stay tuned .... Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice Rolling ...

Joe aka Mezz


  1. That looks great Joe! I might order a copy as well.

  2. Not a bad deal my friend. Goes for 9.99. And its a very flexible system. I am looking forward to it.

  3. We are very big fans of the Savage Worlds system, it is incredibly flexible, handles any genre, easy to learn and use, and is super cheap.

    How this isn't the 'holy grail' of RPG's I don't know. Nice writeup too, I'll be looking for the next installment.

  4. I agree Gyro. It seems to be a very simple yet creative system to fit anything you wish it to fit. I am looking forward to using it. More to come for sure !