Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mezz's Savage New World (2)

In the last posting for Mezz's Savage New World I posted the character sheet For William McCoy.  This posting will be the character sheet for Jeff Savage, US Marshall.

McCoy and Savage walked across the street to the sheriff's office.  The sheriff's office had a front desk near the door, the sheriff's main office, a spare room and the lockup.  Simple and yet to the point.

"You can have the spare room.  There is a bunk and a closet for your things.  Here's a set of keys for the office, lock up and gun cabinet." McCoy tossed the keys towards Savage.

"Thanks, anyone else have access or just me?" Savage sat down and put his feet up on the desk.

"Nope.  I haven't had a chance to swear in any deputies ... yet.  Last sheriff was ran out of town by the local gang running rampant in this region." McCoy glanced out the window. "Amazed they haven't peeped their ugly heads out today."

"The day is young, my good sheriff." Savage smiled and walked over to the gun cabinet. The standard single and double barreled shotguns along with some Winchester Rifles were inside.

Suddenly the familiar sound of pistol fire was in the air.  Savage grabbed his pistols and walked to the door.  "Shall we go and meet our misunderstood citizens my good Sheriff ?"

"I spoke too soon, I have the worst luck." McCoy shook his head and walked out to greet the commotion.

Character Sheet

Name: Jeff Savage (Novice Experience)
Occupation: US Marshall
Race: Human
Pace: 6"
  • Agility (d8)
  • Smarts (d6)
  • Spirit (d6)
  • Strength (d8)
  • Vigor (d6)
  • Charisma  (0)
  • Parry (2+ half of Fighting Skill) (6)
  • Toughness (2+ half of Vigor)  (5)
    • Fighting (Agility) d8
    • Guts (Spirit) d4
    • Investigation (Smarts) d6
    • Notice (Smarts) d4
    • Riding (Agility) d6
    • Shooting (Agility) d8
    • Tracking (Smarts) d6
    Major Hindrance:
    • Curious - Wants to know everything

    Minor Hindrance:
    • Doubting Thomas - Character doesn't believe in the Supernatural
    • Phobia - Fear of Water, -2 for trait tests involving water

    • Connections (Novice) - Can call upon powerful friends or favors
    • Quick Draw (Novice, Agility d8) - draws weapons as a free action

    • Clothing, including Cowboy hat and boots - n/a
    • Colt Pistols (x2) - 400 coins
    • Boot Knife - 25 coins
    • Coins in Pocket - 75 coins
    ** Weapon stats at a later date **

    I am so looking forward to testing these characters with this new system. Stay tuned !

    Joe ... aka Mezz


    1. Hi Mezz, I'm a new reader and I was interested to read about the savage world stuff. I have been interested the system and I haven't decided to plunk down the money for it yet. I am still on the fence. I like the story you have set up and I look forward to learning the mystery of the flash. Thanks! - Shelexie

    2. Welcome to the blog Shelexie! I am happy to see that your enjoying the story and I look forward to get it out to the readers ... stay tuned !