Friday, September 28, 2012

Deep thoughts ...


     I have been recently debating how to improve my blog and came up to some thoughts on how things are running.  Hear me out and feel free to add, subtract or suggest things.  It is after all your blog. Your my readers and target audiences.  Speak out !

Here are some things I am debating or changing.
  • Backgrounds - I decided to make the blog easy on the eyes.  Simple colors, fonts and layout to allow the blog post to stick out and be easy to read and enjoy.
  • Sidebar gadgets.  I cleaned up the list of sidebar items on the right hand side of the blog.  It was cluttered and just too much to keep track of.
  • Content themed days.  I believe I have gotten carried away with the themed days. For example Zombie Fridays, Savage Saturdays and the like. I had too much going in my mind. I have decided to just supply to you various posts with no themed days.  Please let me know if you want more or less of something.  I am open to suggestions.  I have just felt that placing weekly themed items just mad my posts and such watered down just to make the "deadline".
These were the major points I have been debating and thinking about.  I hope to be able to make quality posts again and allow you the reader the enjoyment of our hobby.  I love being able to share and interact with you all on this blog and through yours as well.

Thanks again for being a fellow "follower" !!!

Keep the paint flowing and the Dice rolling.

Joe ... aka Mezz

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game

Greetings troops,

     The other day Steve-O and I was able to dive into the new tabletop game Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Game from Fantasy Flight Games.  I know what your thinking and I did hear the rabble rabble from 4th platoon in the rear.  The beloved Star Wars has had numerous failures in the gaming market, most notably in the video game market.

     First off, the miniatures are excellent.  The starter set comes with two TIE fighters and one X-Wing fighter.  The game pieces are well made and lots of gaming goodies.  You can buy single fighters as well to bolster your forces.  And don't gag on the prices.  A single ship comes with the fighter of choice, flight stand, numerous pilot cards, tokens and extras to make it worth it.

     If you want to see the basics and such visit the above link.  If you want to see Steve-O's review of our AAR visit him at WWPD.

Y-Wing. The flying tank of the Rebellion.

X-Wing. Every fan's favorite.

TIE fighter. Fast, Nimble and NO armor !

Imperial Might

TIE, Pilot's Card, Maneuver Counter 

     And now to the AAR in a galaxy far far away !

This severely damaged X-Wing is calling for help !

     The X-Wing in the above photo was severely damaged and is feverishly attempting repairs.  Systems are barely active and the X-Wing has called for some overwatch until his astromech droid gets things straight.  The pilot decided to limp into an asteroid field and await the arrival of his protection fighters.

TIE Advance and his TIE wingman circle the wounded fighter.
     The Imperial TIE patrol split into 2 wings and decided to approach the contact from 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock.  "Sir, we have a contact in the asteroid field.  It appears to be a Rebel X-Wing fighter seen blasting its way out of Sector 4. Orders ?" The flight leader decided it would be wise to attack immediately.  "Attack pattern Alpha on my mark. 3 .. 2 .. 1 ... GO."

The calm before the storm!
     TIEs screamed into the sector and begin transferring power to their cannons.  "Sir, We have contacts coming out of hyperspace.  2 contacts. One X-Wing and one Y-Wing."  The flight leader looked at his screen.  "Flight A continue towards the asteroid field. TIE Black 3 you are free to engage our new threats."

     The flight leader had been in this situation before.  Experience and a bit of luck was his teacher. "Imperial Flight Control, this is Imperial Flight Watchtower.  We are engaging our original target and a new threat.  Please have all available TIE on reserve status." "TIE Flight Watchtower, Imperial Flight Control copies.  Additional TIEs on standby."

Divide and Conquer !
     TIE Flight leader locks on to the wounded X-Wing with his proton torpedoes and squeezes off a laser barrage. MISS ! His TIE wing man screams towards the new threat and begins his run at an X-Wing.

Rebels split up to assist their wounded comrade.

Brash TIE pilots never survive long. This one is almost a goner.
     TIE Black 3 lines up his shot and squeezes. MISS!  His intended target although fared better.  The X-Wing fired back and struck Black 3 with punishing laser fire.  Black 3 shuddered with systems crashing and small fires starting in the cockpit.

Flying tank is a tempting target for the TIE Advance
     TIE Flight leader lined up the Rebel flying tank.  He smirked as he dealt out imperial fury via green laser fire.  The Y-Wing shock violently but still carried on his flight path.

The fray develops into chaos.
     Flight A moved towards the fight and prepared to come in fast and furious.  TIE flight leader engaged the Y-Wing and begin to set up his next run.  The wounded X-Wing sped past TIE flight leader and attempted to buy more time for repairs.  Black 3 and the defending X-Wing were still trading blows.

The brash TIE fighter reverses flight to attack.  The X-Wing does the same.

     Black 3 was angry and determined to deal some punishment to the Rebel.  He performed an extreme maneuver and brought his fighter back around for another run.  The X-Wing followed suit and lined up his shot as well.

Overview of battle.
     The wounded X-Wing seeing the developing clash of the brash TIE pilot decided to form up to his X-Wing partner to provide some needed support.  Flight A split up to take different approaches into the asteroid field.

One brash pilot explodes as the X-Wings zoom by.

     TIE Black 3 felt nothing.  X-Wing laser fire cut his fighter to pieces and introduce the cold black space to his fighter cockpit interior. KABOOM ! TIE flight leader saw the explosion and requested a TIE fighter to replace him. Imperial flight control copied and launch the replacement.

The battle still in full swing.

     "I CANT SHAKE THEM!" the Y-Wing pilot screamed over the rebel channel.  "Proceed to coordinates 23/45 Gold 1. We will attempt to get you some cover." The Y-Wing shook again as his shields came down and various hull hits began to find placement. TIE flight leader smiled.  The rebel will be his.

The Rookie flying in as reserve maneuvers behind the X-Wings.

     TIE Gray 3 just graduated from the flight academy and found himself in his first battle.  As he approached he was lucky enough to find himself behind two X-Wings, one being the wounded target he was briefed on.

The Rookie's pilot cards.

Add captionAnother overhead shot.

     Flight A screams through the asteroid field and finds one of the X-Wings had changed course to provide cover for the wounded X-Wing as well as the wounded Y-Wing.  Laser fire erupts.  One of the TIEs is struck and catches fire.

The Y-Wing attempts to buy some time by hiding near an asteroid.

     The Y-Wing needs to buy some time for his crippled fighter.  He pulls hard left and attempts to use the asteroid as cover.  The TIE advance called his move and followed suit.  He lined up the fighter and got target acquired tones in his head set.

Rookie earns his wings and explodes the X-Wing for the win.

     Steve's X-Wing finally repaired itself and decided to get back into the fight.  Red 4 was struck by laser fire from Flight A and had shield failure.  The rookie lined up the fighter and hit ferociously. Red 4 turned over slightly and exploded into a huge fireball.

The TIE Advance found his target and destroyed the Y-Wing.

     Y-Wing Gold 1 soon joined his comrade as the TIE Advance unleashed a volley of torpedoes on the flying tank.  Fire and metal exploded into the asteroid field. Red 5 scored a revenge kill on the wounded TIE in Flight A but it was too late.  The wounded X-Wing did not escape.  The Imperials had won this battle.

I hope you enjoyed the AAR.  This is an awesome game and I am sure to add it to my collection.

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling.

Joe ... aka Mezz

Wargaming Wednesday

Greetings troops,

     Today I actually get Wargaming Wednesday's photo up on time ! Enjoy ...

     Here is some 28mm action for you the reader.  As you have already identified, these are US forces in the above picture.  Force on Force was an extremely popular game rule system at Historicon 2012.  As I have reported before I was unable to get into the game and didn't preregister for it.  No one appeared to drop out of the game ... Ugh!

     I am not sure what line of figures or vehicles are used in the above picture.  I can tell you that each force had its own objectives and made for a very interesting game board with chaos rampant throughout.

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling !

Joe ... aka Mezz

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Wargaming Wednesday !

Hello Troops,

     Once again I have been a tad late getting Wargaming Wednesday out to you the reader.  Please forgive me !  Without further delay i present to you, Wargaming Wednesday's entry.

     This beautiful landscape was for an awesome game of Mars:1889.  I believe that is the game set rules being used.  Either way this table was amazing.  The miniatures were excellent and it seemed to be a popular table for the time I was at Historicon.

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling !

Joe ... aka Mezz

Friday, September 7, 2012

Completed 28mm

Greetings troops,

     Here is a completed photo of my US Airborne Lt.  He is a 28mm figure from Warlord miniatures.

The Lt. is on the left.
     Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling ...

Joe ... aka Mezz

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bolt Action HQ NCO

Greetings Troops,

     Here is a WIP photos of my NCO for my US Airborne.  Bolt Action fever is getting crazy here for WWPD.  Look for it at Fall In this fall.  We are running a demo scenarios table for everyone to be involved.

The NCO is in the middle.
     Keep the Paint flowing and Dice rolling ...

Joe ... aka Mezz

Monday, September 3, 2012

A strange new world ...

     I awaken in a tree.  My mind a blur and foggy.  How did I get here ? Where am I ?

     No where to go but down.  I hopped down and began my descend to the forest floor.  My mind was racing.  Where do I go and what do I do ?  Calm down and breath.  First things first.  Shelter and food before it gets dark.

     I head down the tree and begin to collect wood for shelter, tools and possibly a fire.  The forest thinned out and begin to clear towards a beach and waterfront.  Water being a source of food and crop water made my decision to camp this area first very easy. I chose a hill nearby and begin the process.

     I took the small pile of wood and fashioned a pick head axe to dig into the hill.  After about an hour I made a decent head way into the hill.  I placed some walls towards the front and rested.  After a quick stop I looked towards the back of cave shelter and saw something that appeared to be coal.

     Coal ! Coal means everything to my survival.  And a quick glance out of the cave signaled it was none too soon.  The sun was almost down.  I quickly assembled some torches and lit one for some light in the shelter.

     The sun was setting and with that some odd things began to stir.  Spiders with red eyes, zombie looking creatures and skeletons with bows appeared out of the ground.  I quickly shut up the cave and sat in the corner with the torch light.  What the heck did I stumble in ?