Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wargaming Wednesday

Greetings troops,

     Today I actually get Wargaming Wednesday's photo up on time ! Enjoy ...

     Here is some 28mm action for you the reader.  As you have already identified, these are US forces in the above picture.  Force on Force was an extremely popular game rule system at Historicon 2012.  As I have reported before I was unable to get into the game and didn't preregister for it.  No one appeared to drop out of the game ... Ugh!

     I am not sure what line of figures or vehicles are used in the above picture.  I can tell you that each force had its own objectives and made for a very interesting game board with chaos rampant throughout.

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling !

Joe ... aka Mezz


  1. That's my secret crush genre but don't dare mention it because of all the other thirty projects we have going on; modern US troops using something like FoF.

    1. Is it bad that we have the same secret crush ? I believe it will be 15mm ... easier to gather terrain and needed supplies !