Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 ? Get ready !

New Year ....... new battle plans !

I am getting ready to start on my American Paratroopers for Flames of War.  Starting slow ... first the Command squad, then the CO squad and XO squad.  Platoons will follow right behind.

I am attempting to start a small wargames club with those friends of mine that are interested.  As of right now I have one hooked, lined and sinker.  The others will follow in time I am sure.

28mm has also sparked my interest in what avenues I can walk down.  Old West is one that I am interested in.  GUTSHOT! and Warhammer Old West are two rule sets that I know of.  I have played Old West once and enjoyed the fast pace, in your face gameplay.  I was also looking into WWII settings that I could tie into the FOW battles.  Anyone know of a good rule set for 28 MM WWII?

Research has been good with one other book lined up to assist the painting and setting up the order of battle.

I am looking forward to sharing my works in progress and all projects for the upcoming year.

Be Safe

The Mezz