Friday, April 20, 2012

Enter Stage Left ...

     Bob noticed a low moan coming from behind the doors leading to the morgue vaults.  To Bob's right was the morgue office door with the lights off.  That was odd since Nathan should be down here.  "Nathan should be down here. His office is to the right." Bob whispered.  The two moved to the office door.  The officer drew his weapon and flashlight.  Bob opened the door ever so slightly.

     "Nathan?" Bob whispered as he entered the office. 
  • Notice Roll - Rolled a 4, Needed a 4 - Passed
     Bob noticed a figure huddled under an office desk with two more shapes lying nearby.  "Nathan?" Bob whispered again while his eyes searched in the light of the officer's flashlight beam.  The officer moved towards the desk as Nathan peeked around the corner.  Bob knelt down next to Nathan and could see he was bleeding from his lower leg.  "Damn things attacked me!  I don't know what the heck is going on but get me out of here!" Nathan loudly pronounced.  It was obivous that rescuers made Nathan forget the situation at hand.  The officer turned and made a face.  Bad enough it was dark in here and now the civilians are talking out loud.

     The group made its way back to the elevator.  It seemed to take forever for the elevator to make it to the bottom floor.  Bob looked down and saw Nathan sitting with a look of despair on his face.  With a oddly cheery tone the elevator announced its arrival.  Bob and the officer dragged Nathan into the elevator and placed him on the ground.
  • Bob's Notice Roll - Rolled a 5, Needed a 4 or > - Passed
     Bob heard movement coming from down the hall.  "Did you clear the rest of the area Officer?"
  • Officer Notice Roll - Rolled a 3, Needed a 4 or > - Failed
     "I didn't hear or see anything else.  Besides, we need to get Nathan here up to the ER.  I will advise my supervisor what we have when he gets here."  The officer didn't even look out the elevator doors as they closed.  Bob could only hope he was just nervous and hearing things.  The night was only just beginning.

     Once off the elevator, the group got Nathan into a wheelchair and moved towards the ER.  As they entered the ER, the group of nurses and techs were still at the nursing station.  The charge nurse pointed towards an empty room.  The nurse, tech and doctor followed in the room and closed the curtain.

     Bob helped Nathan on to the bed.  Hospital staff began to hook up monitors to Nathan as the doctor approached.  "What happened Nathan?" the doctor asked.  Nathan looked around and began to relax.  "I am not sure.  One minute I was looking at an open door and the next thing I see is walking corpses everywhere."

     The nurse and doctor exchanged looks of concern and doubt.  They assisted with helping Nathan into a hospital gown and began the medical exam.  The nurse grabbed the coat of the doctor and nodded towards Nathan's leg.  Torn flesh and scratches were present.  The nurse began to clean the wound and dress it as Nathan explained one of the "walking corpses" had bit him as he was escaping to his office.  "Get some blood work going nurse as well as some penicillin on-board."  The nurse nodded and continued with her work.

     The "walking corpses" were moving.  Due to the officer's failed notice check, the movement Bob heard was the dead on the move.  20 corpses were present in the morgue at the time of the incident.  The hospital was a prime location for the dead invasion.  Night shift and the dark hallways only aided in the movement of these horrible creatures. Patients in various states of healing and bed status only aided in targets of opportunities.  The ER didn't know what terrible things were about to begin in the next hour.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Savage Mezz Saturday WIP

Greetings troops,

     Just a Savage Mezz Saturday WIP for my loyal troops.  I will flesh out a character stat and background for you.  Feel free to use them in your games.  All I ask is an "update" or status report of your usage so I can use it as a "Where are they now?" posting for later.  Your name and such will also be included in the posting .... internet glory indeed!

Base coat of German Armor Yellow

Brown Ink to all, German Yellow highlights and red to the pants ...
     More to come !  Be safe, Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling ...


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

76 Shermans ... WIP (1)

Greetings troops,

     We are finally back into our house! And with that announcement I can say with confidence that I have my hobby area back.  I never realized how production and motivation is affected without this important aspect in the hobbyist toolbox.

     Recently, FOW announced the new Blood, Guts and Glory book to Late War.  And what a perfect motivator for my US Army Armor Company build.  I have 5, 75mm Shermans already completed.  Now to start bringing in heavier firepower and size.  I have had some great painting time with 5, 76mm Shermans.

     They should be finished in the next 2 weeks.  I can't wait to let them hit the table.  Enjoy the WIPs.

Sandbags and tank before inks ...

After inks, re-highlighting the sandbag and metal ...

Another tank, another view of sandbag highlights
Be safe, Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling ...