Wednesday, April 11, 2012

76 Shermans ... WIP (1)

Greetings troops,

     We are finally back into our house! And with that announcement I can say with confidence that I have my hobby area back.  I never realized how production and motivation is affected without this important aspect in the hobbyist toolbox.

     Recently, FOW announced the new Blood, Guts and Glory book to Late War.  And what a perfect motivator for my US Army Armor Company build.  I have 5, 75mm Shermans already completed.  Now to start bringing in heavier firepower and size.  I have had some great painting time with 5, 76mm Shermans.

     They should be finished in the next 2 weeks.  I can't wait to let them hit the table.  Enjoy the WIPs.

Sandbags and tank before inks ...

After inks, re-highlighting the sandbag and metal ...

Another tank, another view of sandbag highlights
Be safe, Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling ...



  1. The sandbags are a great idea for modelling variety. I've never seen anything like it.

    1. Thanks WD, these are molded sandbags on each tank. They are an older version of Battlefront blister. These were donated to the WWPD gang and I received them as a generous gift from Steve.

  2. Wow! love the work you have done

    1. Thanks Craig ! I am digging the ink effects to help bring out the unique sandbag molds