Friday, April 10, 2009

Getting the troops motivated ! MOVE MOVE

Hello troopers,

Seems that I have hit a wall recently. The family has been sick almost to a schedule. One is sick and then one gets better and trades a spot with another. Thus is life, no ?

I have my weapons platoon in reserve, primed and ready to paint. The Company officers are completed and waiting for a flat protective coat. I am hoping to start getting the fighting squads at least sanded and place on their respective priming sticks.

And on top of it all, my modeling habits have turned an ugly head. I have been looking at Germans and the thoughts of starting Pioneers have been rushing head. "You need an opposing force for guests" says the evil modeler thought and the good thought is saying "Paint what you can afford". But anyone who is a modeler or hobbyist knows what I am talking about.

HOPEFULLY, I can get the troops "out of the trenches" and onto the blog photos. Please don't be distraught and not stop by. I promise they are coming.

Be safe, keep the brushes moving and don't roll "1"s