Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1st squad All Present and accounted for ...

Greetings troops,

I finally finished 1st squad ...

And as promised (although later than I wanted to) the photos to go along with the completed stands.

I still am trying to take better pictures ..... flash (first 3 pictures) or no flash (last 3 pictures) ? You decide ...

To date this makes 14 stands of FOW troops completed.  Which is a great feat in itself knowing my schedule and family antics.  The mini count is a nice addition to the blog for the readers to see how things are going and for myself to gauge my production.

Enjoy the pictures.  2nd squad is near completion and should not have the delay of update photos.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

AAR - Germans vs British in the desert ...... somewhere

Greetings Troops,

Thursday evening I was able to get a FOW game with my friend Steve and his friend Sean.  Once again Steve's gentleman nature shined true by treating me to dinner.  Always awesome gaming at Steve's.  I am treating next time we play for sure !

Sean is learning the basics as am I.  Sean was the British and I was in command of the Germans.  Of course Murphy's law applied and I forgot the memory card to my camera.  You can see some photos of the game at Steve's blog What Would Patton Do?

The following AAR is after action transcripts and radio traffic researched from German archives.

Theater of Operations: Somewhere in North Africa

German reaction force consisted of 2 Panzergrenadier platoons (Confident Veterans), 3 Panzer III Ls and 1 battery of 10.5 cm.

British infantry, Grant tank platoon and Artillery batteries, as reported by our forward observers.

1st platoon of panzergrenadiers were assigned the eastern flank.  2nd platoon of the panzergrenadiers was assigned the extreme western flank.  Foward observers were assigned to the battery and had excellent observation points throughout the engagement.  The 10.5 cm battery was also in the extreme eastern flank while the Panzer III Ls were in the middle of the board for rapid deployment via the road system.

British forces of infantry occupied two groves of olive trees, 2 batteries of artillery occupied a hill near the west flank and 3 Grants stationed nearby the west flank as well.

Round One 
Initial movement by our infantry in both east and west flanks was set towards buildings to offer decent coverage and fields of fire.  East flank overlooked the woods which British had dug in troops along with  an objective site.  West flank buildings overlooked one of our objective points as well as fields of fire towards British artillery and Grants.  Our 10.5's opened up on the British batteries with no kill effect although the British were pinned X2.

Round Two
The British were able to unpin 1 artillery battery.  Their forces continued to be dug in for round 2.  The Grants began to move towards the front of the hill occupied by their batteries.  British tanks fired into our positions on the western flank with no results.  German 10.5s opened up once again on British battery positions, pinning the unpinned battery once again.  This time 1 British artillery piece was destroyed.

Round Three
Again, British artillery unpinned and attempted to range in for attack on our artillery.  No successful range was made.  Again British infantry concealed in the woods and did not move. Our eastern platoon moved just outside of assault range to attempt to push on British objective point.  Panzer III Ls moved into the British's left flank to assist with the assault. Our artillery once again opened fire on British artillery positions (scoring 8 hits ! and 2 killed)  British artillery was pinned once more.

Reports from this point on were not as detailed due to major action by both sides.  Reports of brutal hand to hand fighting in the eastern woods was documented by both sides.  The 1st platoon of German Panzergrenadiers took major losses and eventually fell back and ceded from the field of battle.  German artillery continued to pound British artillery positions and took out one battery and 1 artillery piece from the other battery.  British Grants attempted a double time maneuver in the middle flank to attempt close in on a German objective.  Panzer III Ls saw an opportunity and hit two Grants from behind, 2 kills.

At this point, further action is at a standstill.  No further reports of hostile action noted.

After thoughts
It will not take Sean long to learn from his mistakes.  He was taking notes and learning the game at a great speed.  I made a double time error in my first game and had the same results.  I doubt Sean will make that error again.  The other note I know Sean learned is not to bunch units up.  His deployment of artillery on a hilltop allowed my gunners to range in and continuously pound his artillery into submission.  Both of these examples were mistakes I made in my first games and I as well learned from them.  My artillery dice seemed hot once again ....... nailing 5 to 8 hits at times.  But the kill shots were lacking at times.  Still I love my artillery ....... King of Battle follow me !

I had a blast playing.  Sean is a great sport and will be a fine addition to our Central Virginia FOW group.  I thank Steve for allowing us to game and for the great dinner he provided once again.   Steve ... I am treating next time !

Please check out Steve's blog (link provided above) for some pictures from the battle.

Be safe


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Quick Update

Hello Troops,

Greetings to all whom have visited over the last week or so.  Please feel free to join the company and foolow the blog if you haven't done so already.

Things have been hectic as LIFE seems to always get moving at the strangest times.

I am working on 2nd squad of 1st Platoon as we speak.  1st squad is finished yet I haven't had a chance to get some photos of them.  I promise to get them up this week.

I also have a game scheduled for Thursday with my friend Steve and some of his buddies that have also started into FOW.  Look for the AAR this weekend for sure.

Other than that I have a Lieutenant  promotional exam today and advanced life support test on Thursday.  As you can see .... LIFE is keeping me busy.

Be safe.  And feel free to check out the blog ..... updates with photos will take place this week


Sunday, March 14, 2010

AAR - 327th Glider Infantry grind out a win

Greetings Troops,

I was able to get my first game using glider infantry.  Steve and I met up on Saturday (Big thanks to Lydia for cooking an awesome dinner).  Steve and Lydia recently became new homeowners, so a big congrates on that as well.

Here was the following forces brief force organization ...

Americans - Me

  • 3 Rifle platoons
  • 1 Weapons platoon
  • 1 Artillery Battery of 105s
  • 4 Sherman tanks
Germans - Steve
  • 2 Grenadier Platoons
  • 1 Artillery Battery of 105s
  • 3 Stug tanks
The mission was Free for All, both sides had 2 objectives.

American Objective Marker - Hilltop near 105 Battery

We both placed our forces in the deployment zones.  For reference, Steve's Deployment Zone will be NORTH.  I placed 2 platoons near my 2nd objective marker, 1 platoon in the middle with the Shermans nearby and finally the 105s and mortars were EAST of my deployment zone.

3rd Platoon, 4 Shermans initial deployment Zone

1st and 2nd platoons initial deployment

Steve being the gentleman let the Americans have the first turn.  I proceeded to fortify 2nd platoon in the woods near the 2nd objective (WEST deployment zone) while moving 1st platoon up towards a small village.  The Shermans and 3rd platoon moved up the middle towards another village in the middle of the board.   Steve's 1st and 2nd platoon moved into woods and fortified.  The Stugs moved slowly towards an objective marker placed on a bridge.

3rd platoon moving in middle, 2nd Platoon in the woods

2nd Platoon in the Woods, 1st Platoon moving into the village

Stugs moving towards bridge objective

Grenadiers near the bridge objective, woods terrain.

Grenadiers in the Woods, near objective and German 105s

Speeding along through the movements, some pot shots were made but no contacts.  Steve got his Stugs across the bridge and was able to score a destroying shot on one of the 105s.  He was also able to score a pinning shot and killed the bazooka team of 1st Platoon.

Stugs moving past the objective and over the bridge

Scratch one .... dead 105

Bazooka team met their demise.  In the form of 105s

My shooting phase in return response was 105s barraging Stugs, bailed 2 of them.  Not too shabby.  The artillery in the game seemed to have almost no problem ranging in.  Almost too easy really ...... BUT the kill shots kept landing snake eyes.  

American Artillery ..... King of Battle

Steve in his next shooting phase killed 1 Sherman via Stug.  Meanwhile I was moving platoons into the middle of town.  1st platoon was adjusting for a planned assault of the Grenadiers fortified in the woods.

1st tank kill of the day - Sherman 

3rd Platoon moving into middle village, Grenadiers are NW of their position

1st Platoon adjusting for assaults

The calm before the storm ....

The Germans in the western ops had an observer attached to them.  Calling in effect fire on 3rd Platoon, killing two and pinning the entire platoon.  This had major effects in the game ... 
  1. It stalled a major push to cut the Germans in half.  3rd platoon was not far at all in contesting one of the objective markers.
  2. It prevented a flanking maneuver on the Germans in front of 1st platoon.
  3. 3rd Platoonremained pinned the ENTIRE game until later when brutal hand to hand fighting wiped them out.
The beginning of the end for 3rd Platoon

1st platoon began assaulting the Germans in the west.  Surprisingly, 1st platoon charged and pushed the grenadiers out of the woods with little resistance.  The assault was assisted by artillery/mortars pinning the Germans in the woods.

Initial charge of 1st Platoon, bayonets fixed.

Into the trenches boys !

Fantastic results ........ 

On the other side of battle, Steve's Stugs were popping in and out of the woods taking shots when they presented themselves.  The Shermans were able to get one up on a Stug when they failed a bog check trying to join his teammates inn the woods.  A Sherman barrage erupted and one Stug met his maker.

One dead Stug ..... 

1st Platoon adjusted from the successful charge causing the boys in 2nd Platoon to join in support cheering.  Nothing was in front of the objective and a battery of 105s sat behind the objective.

2nd Platoon itching to get into the fight ....

Eyes on the objective ...... seems too easy !

1st platoon begins assault the 105s as 2nd platoon rushes into the woods as reserves.  Here is where things turn for the Germans.  Steve's 105s fended off 2 assaults only losing one gun in both assaults.  1st platoon was decimated attempting to drive out the artillerymen.  Meanwhile on the Eastern edge of battle, the Stugs move and destroy the remaining Shermans with ease, smoke barrage assisting the push.

Seeing an opening, the grenadiers leap out of their fortifications and rush 3rd Platoon.  Hand to hand turned vicious.  3rd Platoon was no more.  This left what was left of Steve's grenadiers on a trot to one of the objectives ...

2nd platoon wound up moving up in time to begin another assault.  Slowly 2nd Platoon takes the objective and wipes out the German 105s.  The Stugs having no other targets moved to back up the 105s (before being destroyed by 2nd platoon).

Eventually I was able to take the objective and eliminate the Stugs.  The battle was over but not without major costs.  3rd Platoon was destroyed after being pinned a majority of the fight.  1st platoon was exhausted during the 105 assault, which Steve's 105s repelled 2 assaults !  I lost 4 shermans, 1 artillery piece and about 30% of 2nd Platoon.  My bazooka team got the final kill and was making spectacular shots at the end of the game.

I had a blast ! It was a great game, dinner was excellent and Steve taught me tons.  I am so looking forward to our next battle.  Thanks Steve !

Be safe, enjoy the pics ......


WIP - Squad 1 bases


Here are some pictures of 1st Squad ..... bases are still a WIP.  Enjoy

Enjoy the pictures.  I have an AAR of a recent game with Steve to post as well.  Stay tuned


Monday, March 8, 2010

Quick briefing ...


Jmilesr, welcome to the company.  I thank you for joining the ranks.

Well ..... March is here.  Obvious that the month is moving faster and that my production was immense last month.  11 minis.  Nice .... It will be hard to accomplish that again this month.

I am working on the 1st squad of 1st platoon.  The majority of the uniforms are painted.  I am working on boots, rifles and then the next step of basing.  So pictures may be later this week.

On the reading front I have finished Outbound Flight by Timothy Zahn.  Good book for the Star Wars fans present in the Company.  It was a nice short story to fill in the facts of Outbound Flight mentioned in other books by Timothy Zahn.  Check it out for some light reading.

Quick post.  Down and dirty.  I hope everyone is making out on their projects.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LMGs anyone ?


I would like to welcome Dale Harper to the squad.  He recently joined the group in the last couple of days.

I have been working on and completed the LMG stands.  I only placed 2 figures per stand after trying 3 and not liking it.  It seemed too crowded for the weapon stand. So here are some completed pictures ....

I have also been painting up 1st squad.  I decided that 3 sticks of 4 figures a piece were enough for me to complete at one time.  I have the other 2 squads on sticks as well.  I originally was going to do each color I needed to paint per stick and do all at the same time.  I found myself rushing to complete the job and too many of the same thing rushes me at time.  So cutting it back to 3 sticks or 1 squad at a time seemed to be a nice balance.

I am itching to get these boys on the table.  Soon enough I am sure.

Keep painting ........ be safe