Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1st squad All Present and accounted for ...

Greetings troops,

I finally finished 1st squad ...

And as promised (although later than I wanted to) the photos to go along with the completed stands.

I still am trying to take better pictures ..... flash (first 3 pictures) or no flash (last 3 pictures) ? You decide ...

To date this makes 14 stands of FOW troops completed.  Which is a great feat in itself knowing my schedule and family antics.  The mini count is a nice addition to the blog for the readers to see how things are going and for myself to gauge my production.

Enjoy the pictures.  2nd squad is near completion and should not have the delay of update photos.



  1. Looking good man, fourteen stands is nothing to sneeze at, kudos. I'm liking all the trackers on the right hand margin too.

    My Guards Armoured Squadron should be underway late Spring, hopefully...

  2. Great figures - I like the photo's without the flash. When you figure out how to take pictures please let me know as I have the same issue!

  3. Thanks guys for the kind words ! .... I am now thinking ahead to support platoons ....