Monday, March 8, 2010

Quick briefing ...


Jmilesr, welcome to the company.  I thank you for joining the ranks.

Well ..... March is here.  Obvious that the month is moving faster and that my production was immense last month.  11 minis.  Nice .... It will be hard to accomplish that again this month.

I am working on the 1st squad of 1st platoon.  The majority of the uniforms are painted.  I am working on boots, rifles and then the next step of basing.  So pictures may be later this week.

On the reading front I have finished Outbound Flight by Timothy Zahn.  Good book for the Star Wars fans present in the Company.  It was a nice short story to fill in the facts of Outbound Flight mentioned in other books by Timothy Zahn.  Check it out for some light reading.

Quick post.  Down and dirty.  I hope everyone is making out on their projects.


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