Friday, July 27, 2012

Bolt Action US Airborne Lt

Greetings troops,

Here for you viewing enjoyment is Bolt Action/Warlord's US Airborne Lt in progress ...

Out of the box set. Placed on a Gale Force9 - 30mm base

Brushed on Black for primer ... Dang Humid Weather !

Base coat clothing US Olive Drab

Second color of 50/50 Khaki and Green Grey applied

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Knee pads done with US Dark Green

More to come ... please stay tuned !

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling ...

Joe ... aka "Mezz"

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Wargaming" Wednesday

Greetings Troops,

     I have dubbed Wednesday's as "Wargaming" Wednesday.  Historicon was a blast !  I took a fair number of photos and thought I would share one per week to help spend the picture goodness out.

     I got to meet tons of my followers of the blog as well as WWPD status. It was great.  I saw all sorts of games, rules, vendors and of course gamers.  I am definitely coming back for the next one !

     So without further delay ... Wargaming Wednesday !

     This was the first battlefield board of the day for Steve-O of WWPD at Nationals on Saturday.  The beautiful buildings are Battlefront's Eastern Front line.  The church is an awesome sculpt.  I do have pictures of some other boards.  86 FOW generals were present and Steve-O placed 7th .... awesome job Steve !

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling ...

Joe ... aka "Mezz"

Monday, July 23, 2012

76mm Shermans

Greetings troops,

     I realized while at Historicon this weekend that I did not post those finished 76mm Shermans I have been posting WIPS for lately.  These are my best armored vehicles to date.  I feel I have been developing what I like to see on my armor components and have a nice method ... finally.  So without further delay ... here they are !

Black primer first, Olive Green second, Dark Ink the whole thing ...

Next I dry-brushed the treads with gun metal silver.  I like the look better ...

Then tanks and wheels were dry-brushed with Green Grey ...

The platoon leader has the Commander out of the hatch as well as the Star on the rear deck ...

I paint the stowage and such in primary colors, dark ink them and then highlight with primary color again

The "Old Man" riding high and proud ...
Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling !!!

Joe ... aka "Mezz"

Friday, July 20, 2012

Historicon 2012

Greetings troops,

I will be joining WWPD at Historicon 2012 this weekend.  I am pretty excited since this will be my first major gaming convention I will be attending.  So I am sure to take numerous pictures, drool over vendor treasure chests and flea market prospects.

You can follow me via twitter @jmezz382 or instagram via jmezz382 ...

I will also be posting various photos of the convention on the blog. Stay tuned !

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling.

Joe ... aka Mezz

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

FOW US Bailed Out !!

Greetings troops,

     Recently I finished up some major US Armor forces for a Battlefront/WWPD project.  As any armor commander knows, bailed out markers are a major token used during battles.  Being the hobbyist I am, I decided to make figure bailed out markers. I used 28mm figure bases to help them stick out on the battle board.

     On a side note, HISTORICON !  It will be my first major convention and I am so happy to get a chance to go.  I will be with the WWPD gang for their podcast Saturday evening.  A couple of things I will be keeping an eye out for in the vendor/sales section is ...
  • Saga - Rulebook and army
  • Force on Force rulebook
  • Peter Pig figures - modern and insurgents
  • Various hobby supplies 
Of course I can't come home with all of these items but we will see what deals I can find.  Can't wait !

I hope to see some of my followers at the convention !

Keep the Paint flowing and Dice rolling ...

Joe ... aka Mezz

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Finished units

Greetings troops

Just some finished work shots for the post.  Enjoy !

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling ....

Joe ... aka "Mezz"