Monday, July 23, 2012

76mm Shermans

Greetings troops,

     I realized while at Historicon this weekend that I did not post those finished 76mm Shermans I have been posting WIPS for lately.  These are my best armored vehicles to date.  I feel I have been developing what I like to see on my armor components and have a nice method ... finally.  So without further delay ... here they are !

Black primer first, Olive Green second, Dark Ink the whole thing ...

Next I dry-brushed the treads with gun metal silver.  I like the look better ...

Then tanks and wheels were dry-brushed with Green Grey ...

The platoon leader has the Commander out of the hatch as well as the Star on the rear deck ...

I paint the stowage and such in primary colors, dark ink them and then highlight with primary color again

The "Old Man" riding high and proud ...
Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling !!!

Joe ... aka "Mezz"


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you jmilesr ! I am glad to hear your game did awesome at Historicon. I am sorry I missed it ... I was input overload the whole weekend.

  2. Hi Joe, those are some beautifully painted Shermans!

    Nice blog by the way, I've allowed myself to add you to my blogroll.

    So long!

    1. Welcome aboard Thomas ! Nice to have you in the ranks. And thanks for the kind comments !