Sunday, September 13, 2009

Here !

Hello Troops !

Just checking in and seeing how everyone or everything is doing ?

My D&D/RPG group is still in planning but I am itching to roll some dice for sure.

The painting is on slow motion but I am trying to get motivated and get some painting done today. I have some errands to run this afternoon and may pick up a couple of things I have been meaning to do to help the overall actions in the house.

FOW ... I am hoping to get some games in this fall. Steve ..... if your reading this its directed toward your frontlines. LOL

But finally I am getting ready to rig up a solution to the broken battery flap on the digital camera. No pictures on a gaming blog is like a go-cart with only 3 wheels .... no fun.

Keep the paint flowing and the dice rolling. If you get a chance checkout my other blogs and see how you like em.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

To Bard or not to Bard ...

Hello Troopers,

Recently, my friends and I have began to start a Dungeons and Dragons group. Since some have the 3.5 rules and such that is the area we will focus on. I am not sure if 4.0 has any light at the end of the tunnel or not .... but it is a possible move later.

With all this in mind I was thinking what type of character I would like to play. Warriors are fun and act like "tanks" if you will. I always enjoyed being a healing type and helping the group in that area as well. Magic characters are fun too ... although the lower classes are limited.

Then I had a vision if you will. An attempt at a character I haven't played before. I am talking about the Bard class. In my research I have noticed that the Bard has gone up and down in the power, use and definition since D&D started. The character is labeled as a "jack or jill of all trades". Fair enough. Not strong in anything but knows a bit of everything sounds good unless you find yourself in great need. But the thought of playing songs and being a moral pillar in the group is very tempting.

Then more doors open as I think about it. Do I play neutral .... acting when the situation dictates? Am I a diplomat? Am I a historian of the groups feats and use that to our advantage? Am a good seller and trader? The list goes on ...

What is your thoughts or experiences? Chime in and let me know ....