Tuesday, September 1, 2009

To Bard or not to Bard ...

Hello Troopers,

Recently, my friends and I have began to start a Dungeons and Dragons group. Since some have the 3.5 rules and such that is the area we will focus on. I am not sure if 4.0 has any light at the end of the tunnel or not .... but it is a possible move later.

With all this in mind I was thinking what type of character I would like to play. Warriors are fun and act like "tanks" if you will. I always enjoyed being a healing type and helping the group in that area as well. Magic characters are fun too ... although the lower classes are limited.

Then I had a vision if you will. An attempt at a character I haven't played before. I am talking about the Bard class. In my research I have noticed that the Bard has gone up and down in the power, use and definition since D&D started. The character is labeled as a "jack or jill of all trades". Fair enough. Not strong in anything but knows a bit of everything sounds good unless you find yourself in great need. But the thought of playing songs and being a moral pillar in the group is very tempting.

Then more doors open as I think about it. Do I play neutral .... acting when the situation dictates? Am I a diplomat? Am I a historian of the groups feats and use that to our advantage? Am a good seller and trader? The list goes on ...

What is your thoughts or experiences? Chime in and let me know ....



  1. Whenever I've seen bards played, the players generally wind up frustrated. They are a jack of all trade, but master of none, and that usually adds very little to the group. That being said, they may have gotten more of a well defined role in 3.5, and I have no experience with it.

    That being said, if you guys are needing another player, depending on when you meet, let me know :)

    I'd like to get my fiance into RP. I think she'd enjoy it once she got past the initial extreme nerdiness!

  2. Yeah I was thinking it might be a good/evil ....

    We were looking to meet on Sundays ... the more the merrier. The group is very friendly and make everyone feel welcomed.

    I will let you know ! I see your in a new apt .... and congrates on the Mac ! I am looking at one come tax return season .... how do you like it ?

  3. Let me just say this about my new mac.
    I feel like the last decade I've spent on Windows machines was a waste of time :)

    This is coming from a guy who had nothing but loathing for macs and their typical owner. Now, I have seen the light. Seriously, I'll get more in depth if you want, but this thing is just so much more of a pleasure to use.

    I have a busy few weeks ahead with getting hitched and all, but later this fall I might be into some D&Dage. Do you want to try and get in some FOW soon?