Thursday, August 27, 2009

Space Hulk ....

Hello troops,

I thought I would add some more elements to my blog .... at least some more in the gaming world.

By now many of you have heard or seen that Games Workshop has brought Space Hulk back to life. In the scheme of things the word "life" is more "limited edition". Limited Edition also allows an absurd money amount to be applied to the product. The website is listing the limited edition game at $99.00. WOW. In this day and age ... $100 for a game system seems crazy although some will buy it.

Setting the price aside I will say that GW has overdone the set with some beautiful miniatures and game board. The quality of the system seems great. I don't believe that they have changed any of the game mechanics nor have I heard that past veterans had any problems with the old rules.

Here are some of the pictures from GW's American website ...

They look great .... but with a $100 dollar price tag it is safe to say that it will not be joining this army anytime soon.

Comments, suggestions, observations ? Feel free to chime in ....


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