Sunday, October 31, 2010

Book Reviews and Basing setbacks

Greetings troops,

I just finished Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber.  The strange and bizarre thing is I just bought it 2 days ago.  It is based approximately 1 to 2 years before Episode IV in the Star Wars universe.  The Imperial Prison Barge, the Purge is enroute to an Imperial Penal Colony when they lose engines and are floating in space.  They spot an Imperial Star Destroyer floating in space and attempt to hail for help.  With no answer, they send a boarding party to investigate for spare parts.  This is where the plot turns ugly.  I highly recommend it !

On the FOW basing of the engineers I have a slight set back.  The gravel basing on the HMGs was popping up and curling on the edges to the point I had to tear it off.  In the process I scratched two figures and will have to repaint.  The other bases seem to be ok ... although I am disappointed that glue settled and left major low spots.

Does anyone have any basing suggestions ?  I can't seem to ever get it right ....

Keep the paint flowing and the dice rolling ....

Joe aka Mezz

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Updates ...

Hello Troops,

I have been working on and involved in numerous projects these past few weeks and thought I would get them up on the blog.

The first project is regarding the podcast that Steve, Sean and I are involved in.  WWPD: News from the Front is now currently up to 3 episodes and having a solid fan base following.  We are officially on iTunes podcast lists if you search for us as well as the links provided by Steve.  We have been showcased on Flames of War front page of their website TWO weeks in a row.  We cover 90% FOW as well as movie reviews, book reviews, blog of the cast and other misc topics in the podcast.  If you have any questions, movies or books to suggest, etc please feel free to contact me at

Steve recently added me to the command staff at WWPD.  Steve has been a true mentor and friend; truly an honor.  Look to his blog for awesome content; as always a great treat to read and browse.

On the mini front I am moving decent.  My section of M10s is completed as far as painting goes.  I am currently flocking the jeeps and waiting for the weather to allow matte to be placed.

Here is the shot ..... mins the one other M10 in the display cabinet.

My engineer platoon is moving good as well.  1st and 2nd squads are finished in the painting department and are currently being based.  I need to finish up the platoon leader and the 3 stands of bazookas, I got some bases from Steve (THANKS BRO) so I need to start the process of priming them etc.

Here are some pics ...

These guys are reserve stands that can replace the HMGs if not used .... need bases for them :(

I received my Mortar platoon and they will be up next after the engineers.  Steve, being the awesome friend gave me some mortars mounted in half tracks ... so now I will be looking towards completing an armor company as well; one more army of 2011.

Well ... as always Keep the paint flowing and the Dice rolling ....

Joe aka Mezz

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Post Apocalypse Anyone ?

Recently, I have been looking at various 28 mm miniatures, monsters and the like.  With that in mind my creative mind began to cycle ATP and thoughts of a new gaming adventure began.

I have always been a sci-fi fan, thanks in part to Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Terminator and the like.  My friends and I always were playing the parts of rebel freedom fighters or people surviving in the wilderness against all odds.

The beauty of this is the unlimited gaming potential.  Miniatures, terrain and etc are at our disposal.  The thing I have been in search of is a new gaming system.

Mission 1 ... Finding a Rule system.

Thanks to my friend Mik and Savage Tim (Both whom have blogs I follow) I have been looking and researching a couple of rule systems with flexible rules and designs.  FATE is a free online rule system based off FUDGE.  I have downloaded the PDF and am currently researching as we speak.  The 2nd rule system is Savage Worlds.  I have the Test Drive rules and plan to look them over as well.  

Does anyone have experience in these rule systems ?  Does anyone have good or bad things to say ?

Once I figure out a rule system to use, we will discuss the development of the world which it will be used.

Hope all is well .... Keep the paint flowing and the dice rolling ...

Joe aka Mezz

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hear the rumble of tank treads ?

Hello troopers,

Brief posting today to let you know that my first section of M10's are 95% done.

One TD has been matted and good to go ... I still need to matte the other TD.  The two jeeps and two carbine teams are completed and being based at this time - then will be matted, flocked and be completed.  I should have pictures up this week .....

Keep your paint flowing and the dice rolling .....


Sunday, October 10, 2010

WWPD: News from the Front ... Episode I

Greetings troops,

I would like to welcome some new troops to the roster ....

A big hello to Beccas, Chevalier de la Terre, Tecian, Dr.Willett's Workshop .....

As you have read previously, My friends and gaming cohorts Steve, Sean and I have started a podcast called WWPD: News from the Front.  Episode 0 was the pilot and received a warm welcome by our readers both via our blogs and the gaming forums on Flames of War's website.

Episode I was completed yesterday and was a blast to record.  We covered our blog of the podcast, Sean's British tanks discussion, a movie review and a plea for 28mm alien figures.  I won't get into the meaty details but I will let you listen for yourself via Steve's Link ... WWPD:News from the Front - Episode I

I hope you enjoy the newest podcast.  Please let me know if you have something you would like to hear about it. It can be anything ... FOW, rule sets, books, movies etc.  We are open to any suggestions.

So ... on the mini front, I am about 85% done with my section of M10 tank destroyers.  I should have pictures up soon.  My engineers are a close second with paints being applied as we speak.

Till then ... keep the Paint flowing and the dice rolling .....


Friday, October 8, 2010

News from the front ! .... WWPD style

Greetings troops,

Recently I got together with Steve and Sean and recorded our first group podcast.  We titled it WWPD: News from the Front.  Episode 0 went off with no problem and has been posted to Steve's website in numerous ways.

WWPD: News from the Front

We had basic topics in Episode 0 ... as a test run.  I follow it via iTunes .... which is an option on the link I provided.

We are currently getting topics ready for Episode 1.  Please let me know what you would like to hear discussed or covered.  We are also looking for a theme song ... any suggestions ?

I hope you enjoy the podcast !

Keep the dice rolling and the paint flowing !