Sunday, October 31, 2010

Book Reviews and Basing setbacks

Greetings troops,

I just finished Death Troopers by Joe Schreiber.  The strange and bizarre thing is I just bought it 2 days ago.  It is based approximately 1 to 2 years before Episode IV in the Star Wars universe.  The Imperial Prison Barge, the Purge is enroute to an Imperial Penal Colony when they lose engines and are floating in space.  They spot an Imperial Star Destroyer floating in space and attempt to hail for help.  With no answer, they send a boarding party to investigate for spare parts.  This is where the plot turns ugly.  I highly recommend it !

On the FOW basing of the engineers I have a slight set back.  The gravel basing on the HMGs was popping up and curling on the edges to the point I had to tear it off.  In the process I scratched two figures and will have to repaint.  The other bases seem to be ok ... although I am disappointed that glue settled and left major low spots.

Does anyone have any basing suggestions ?  I can't seem to ever get it right ....

Keep the paint flowing and the dice rolling ....

Joe aka Mezz


  1. I recommend Vallejo pumice for your basing. Theres a review on my blog.

  2. Thanks Beccas ... I will check it out

  3. It's magic stuff. I used it on my 15mm Belgian Army bases if you want to actually see it in use with 15mm. They are pictured in my latest post on the old blog.

  4. Old Blog ? Whats the new one if I may ask ?

  5. I only have the one blog. Just a figure of speach the "old blog". Apologies for confusion.