Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Updates ...

Hello Troops,

I have been working on and involved in numerous projects these past few weeks and thought I would get them up on the blog.

The first project is regarding the podcast that Steve, Sean and I are involved in.  WWPD: News from the Front is now currently up to 3 episodes and having a solid fan base following.  We are officially on iTunes podcast lists if you search for us as well as the links provided by Steve.  We have been showcased on Flames of War front page of their website TWO weeks in a row.  We cover 90% FOW as well as movie reviews, book reviews, blog of the cast and other misc topics in the podcast.  If you have any questions, movies or books to suggest, etc please feel free to contact me at jmezz382@gmail.com.

Steve recently added me to the command staff at WWPD.  Steve has been a true mentor and friend; truly an honor.  Look to his blog for awesome content; as always a great treat to read and browse.

On the mini front I am moving decent.  My section of M10s is completed as far as painting goes.  I am currently flocking the jeeps and waiting for the weather to allow matte to be placed.

Here is the shot ..... mins the one other M10 in the display cabinet.

My engineer platoon is moving good as well.  1st and 2nd squads are finished in the painting department and are currently being based.  I need to finish up the platoon leader and the 3 stands of bazookas, I got some bases from Steve (THANKS BRO) so I need to start the process of priming them etc.

Here are some pics ...

These guys are reserve stands that can replace the HMGs if not used .... need bases for them :(

I received my Mortar platoon and they will be up next after the engineers.  Steve, being the awesome friend gave me some mortars mounted in half tracks ... so now I will be looking towards completing an armor company as well; one more army of 2011.

Well ... as always Keep the paint flowing and the Dice rolling ....

Joe aka Mezz


  1. Doh! I'm painting up jeeps right now...never thought to put the third guy in the back!

  2. I didn't place the 30 cals either to make room for the third guy. I am debating whether I am gonna place them on the 2nd section ...

  3. Got episode #3 under my belt in its entirety, it was good stuff! You're putting us goofballs to shame!

  4. Nice stuff, thanks for sharing your pictures.

  5. Nice looking M-10 and figures.

  6. Looking nice.
    You are getting somewhere.;)