Friday, July 20, 2012

Historicon 2012

Greetings troops,

I will be joining WWPD at Historicon 2012 this weekend.  I am pretty excited since this will be my first major gaming convention I will be attending.  So I am sure to take numerous pictures, drool over vendor treasure chests and flea market prospects.

You can follow me via twitter @jmezz382 or instagram via jmezz382 ...

I will also be posting various photos of the convention on the blog. Stay tuned !

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling.

Joe ... aka Mezz


  1. Have a great trip, I'm jealous!

    1. It was awesome Mik, I had a blast. I was sorry to see you were not present to hang out. I was able to meet Andy and it was a blast gaming and hanging out. Can't wait to do it again !