Monday, September 3, 2012

A strange new world ...

     I awaken in a tree.  My mind a blur and foggy.  How did I get here ? Where am I ?

     No where to go but down.  I hopped down and began my descend to the forest floor.  My mind was racing.  Where do I go and what do I do ?  Calm down and breath.  First things first.  Shelter and food before it gets dark.

     I head down the tree and begin to collect wood for shelter, tools and possibly a fire.  The forest thinned out and begin to clear towards a beach and waterfront.  Water being a source of food and crop water made my decision to camp this area first very easy. I chose a hill nearby and begin the process.

     I took the small pile of wood and fashioned a pick head axe to dig into the hill.  After about an hour I made a decent head way into the hill.  I placed some walls towards the front and rested.  After a quick stop I looked towards the back of cave shelter and saw something that appeared to be coal.

     Coal ! Coal means everything to my survival.  And a quick glance out of the cave signaled it was none too soon.  The sun was almost down.  I quickly assembled some torches and lit one for some light in the shelter.

     The sun was setting and with that some odd things began to stir.  Spiders with red eyes, zombie looking creatures and skeletons with bows appeared out of the ground.  I quickly shut up the cave and sat in the corner with the torch light.  What the heck did I stumble in ?

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  1. Ha! Love it, letting my daughter read this now since she's an absolute Minecraft nut.