Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Zombies !!!

Greetings troops,

Recently, during the holiday season I was able to venture off and grab a new board game called Zombies !!

The game is made by Twilight Creations.  Currently there is 9 expansions to this game along with numerous other great games.  You can see for your self all the game goodies at Twilight Creations

The game (in its 2nd edition) comes with the following:
  • Humans with shotguns (of course)
  • Event cards
  • Game tiles (city tiles with streets and buildings)
  • Zombies (male and female)
  • Bullet tokens and life tokens
  • 2 - 6 sided dice
I was able to get a game in with my friend Ian the other day.  Although I didn't get any game shots we had a great time.  The mechanics were easy to grasp after a couple of rounds and our first game went smooth.  We were only playing with 2 players but the game is able to have up to six.  To make the game interesting, when it came time to move zombies I rolled and moved them on Ian's turn and vice versa.

In true gaming fashion, I lost.  Ian was able to make it to the helipad and lift off. 

Two thumbs up.  I recommend it to all.  It is great for the younger gamers in the family due to the simple game mechanics.

Keep an eye out ... I have some FOW pics coming this week of some bail out markers.  We are also getting WWPD: Episode 11 in production for the end of the week. A nice gaming week !

Keep the Dice rolling and the Paint flowing ....

Joe .... aka Mezz


  1. Nice writeup, there's a ton of expansions too. Zombies!!! is a great beer and pretzels, screw your buddy kind of game.

    I've got Martians!!!, which is the same setup just with a different flavor.

  2. Zombies is a great game. Play Humans and or Aliens next time!

  3. I've got this game and love it. The whole family play including my 5½ year old daughter.. in fact she's rather good at it and consitently beats me. Come the Zombie Apocolypse I'm following her.

  4. Thanks for the comments gents, I really am looking forward to more beer and pretzels with this game. Great fun !