Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cold ..... Winter Wonderland

Hello Troops,

As a fellow blogger Mordian7th stated in his blog, the Northeast is "set" to Hoth setting.  Snow is falling and I know its bad when my wife calls and says "I am turning around, traffic is barely moving.  I am not even at work yet."  Mind you, my wife is a northern gal.  She left for work at 7 this morning.  Got to love the South :)

Well ...... with that in mind I have to work myself today at the local bookstore.  Should be interesting to say the least.  Good thing is I don't have far to drive at all. 

I was trying to motivate myself to paint this am.  Dang XBOX 360 had other things in store for me ..... Bioshock.  I know the sequel is hitting the shelves but I needed to play this one before moving on to the new (and great looking graphics) Bioshock II.  Sad thing is its a great game and has drawn me in to time flying by.  My xbox live screen name is jmezz382 ....... feel free to hit me up online.

I hit some of my FOW troops this am.  I wanted to hit the Battle sister I am entering but with time constraints I didn't want to rush painting.  Unfortunately I only got a good half hour in ..... between a 20 month old and 2 dogs causing confusion and chaos; lol.

Local FOW players have recently formed up the Central Virginia Flames of War club.  I am looking forward to meeting everyone and getting my troops to the table.

Enjoy the update pictures.  Be safe ...... and if your on the East Coast, stay warm and be safe shoveling snow.


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