Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FOW work ...

Hello Troopers,

The family went to bed early the other night so I took advantage of some paint time and worked on the support platoon of my glider company.

XBOX 360 was annoying me which helped me get some painting done.  MW2 online has been plagued with a glitch we gamers are referring to as the "Care package glitch".  In the game you have a option for a perk to have supply crates drop after reaching a certain number of kills.  These crates drop everything from ammo, predator missile strikes and numerous aircraft support.  Well if you successfully pull off a flurry of key movements you get these unlimited supply drops.  Eventually the skies are filled with numerous helicopters, Harrier jump jets and AC-130 gunships.  Needless to say the sportsmanship and fun is totally destroyed.  BUT it helps with other hobbies ..... in the sense I get my butt offline and painting.

Back to the more relaxing hobby of painting.  I have a quick question I was hoping to get feed back on. When painting the 30 and 50 cal machine guns for WWII minis ..... is the weapon painting black/gun metal or the metal green that was used on bazookas ?  I couldn't think for the life of me what was correct.

Here are some updated photos of the support troops.  Enjoy ....

Keep the paint flowing and be safe !



  1. Looking good so far.
    As answer to your question.
    The 30 and 50 cal are gun metal, use some black wash to make them look dark, while the ammo boxes are green like the Bazookas.

  2. I finally got my butt off the 360 and painted some too. I'm going to have to start sticking my figs on sticks like you have here...

  3. The sticks work great for 15mm ...... I haven't tried anything larger for the stick method