Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Operation First Entry ? ...... and the troops

Greetings Troops,

I was lucky enough to get a couple of things done today.

1 ... I was able to prime my 1st platoon before it started to rain this afternoon.  At least I can get them going and based within the week.  Unfortuantely, I was ready to mat finish the bazooka stands just as it started to rain.  I decided I would paint and base the squads, mat finish them and then add the grass etc.

2 ... I worked a little on my Battle Sister.  I think she is coming out good.  It is hard to get a decent picture for your readers to decide.  But here are some shots of her.  The contest is Saturday.

3 ... Research is beginning for a German force to participate in some Eastern Front action.  My friend Steve and I decided to start at the Battle of Kursk and go from there moving into the late war.

Enjoy, be safe ...... feel free to comment and tell your friends to join the site.



  1. Good looking stuff! I like the warhammer figure. I've thought about buying and painting some WH40K imperial guard recently. I hate WH40k since I just find the game to be inredibly boring, but the models are undeniably ridiculously cool.

    I'm ready to go on my Eastern Front stuff! We can put in our first order a week or so after I'm settled in my new place.

  2. Thanks Steve,

    The battle sister is a nice piece. She is turning out quite well. The imperial guard sets are well made ..... they would be a blast to paint and build.

    Good luck on the closing thing ..... glad to see that it is happening !