Friday, February 19, 2010

Primer Time .... Can't touch this !

Greetings Troops,

The local weatherman is calling for 50 degrees today !  I can finally get out and prime some models to keep the assembling of my glider troops.  I was hoping the opportunity would come after weeks of snow and brutal cold.  I don't have a convenient location to prime in the winter time so it is frustrating to say the least.

Do you have any solutions or ways around the confining winter months ?

I wasn't able to get the game on Thursday ..... no problem it will happen soon.  I was itching to roll some dice for the first game of the year though.

Here is some pictures of the newbies ready for priming.

The mortar and machine gun stands starting the basing process.

** I need to order some paint since the browns I was using to base with have dried up.  Talk about blow to the hobby moral. ***

Enjoy ......



  1. I'm jealous with all your progress here. Solutions to the cold? I just 'spray and pray' when it's cold...

  2. I am getting ready to spray the newbies ..... I just got my black paint to touch up the spraying .....

    Need a hat but who cares right ?!