Thursday, March 19, 2009

Status report

Greeting Troops,

Quick status report regarding troop strength. The CO, XO and platoon commands have been based and only require a gloss/semi gloss finish. I have started to get the weapon platoons prepared for initial priming. I also need to get the command team up for the weapons platoon since they were forgotten while placing the others in service.

Head colds were the order of battle this past week. The whole family was fighting them and put a small damper on models and painting in general.

Look this week for some more pics hopefully. Feel free to add yourself as a follower and drop a comment or two.

Be safe, have fun and enjoy spring .....



  1. To answer your profile question...

    John Hancock
    So John Bull could read it without his glasses!

  2. Awesome .... I had forgotten I had that question up there ....

  3. Nice to hear Joe! We need to get another game in soon. Perhaps Sunday the 29th?

  4. I will check the calendar and get back to you Steve .... but place it in the calendar as 99% go.

    Thanks for the tip on the playsand for basing .... the GW sand doesn't look right maybe due to the scale.