Sunday, March 29, 2009

Recon out .... photos soon

Hey Troopers,

I got an hour in today finishing some bases on the command squads and touching up the bazooka squads primer black. As soon as time allows, I am feeling better from the colds recently, I will place them up on the blog.

I finally got some fine hobby sand from Michael's today. I will see how it looks compared to the other bases but I am leaning toward it having better results. Steve has used it and it looks awesome on his bases.

I also started placing some static grasses and other scenery bits. All that is soon to be left is the flat spray to protect the models.

I hope all is well with everyone at your respective HQ's. Be safe, keep painting and rolling them dice.



  1. Hellom,
    My first time stopping by.I like your models.Alot of time goes into it.but fun.Well stay safe and stop my world when you can

  2. Welcome to the platoon John,

    The units from AARs belong to Steve, an excellent mentor and painter. Mine are getting there ....

    Enjoy and stop by often ....