Monday, June 15, 2009

Yes ... motivated and moving ....

*** General's note .... I can't find my equipment for getting my photos off the ditigal camera, so the pictures will be posted when I can find it. But relax .... the painting has returned. Enjoy the post .... ***

Greeting troops,

Last night was very productive. Paint was flying and motivation was high.

I was able to get a majority of the support troops painted .... helmets, shirts, pants and webbing/gators. I just need to touch up the boots and weapons before placing them on bases and getting that completed.

I have tried a couple of new things with the support troops that was not done with the command figures. One ... I tried a "speed" painting if you will. Steve had mentioned that he strives for "looks good at distance but sort of messy up close." It's not a accurate quote but the message remains the same. So once getting past my perfectionist habits I attempted it. I believe it looks good not to toot my own bugle. I placed the two different styles of painting so you can compare.

The second change will be the use of play sand instead of the sand basing I have for 28mm figures. The command troops are based with the thicker sand, it looks OK. The finer sand should look more to scale with the 15mm figures. I was also contemplating hitting the figure bases with the same brown I use to paint the sand flock. My hopes are to help out with the overall basing. If I miss some small areas near the figure bases it won't be as obvious as black primer showing through.

The troops on deck are the rest of the support squad consisting of the machine gunners and mortar teams. I will say that the new method of painting is quicker and gets the troops in production faster. Time and experience will make presentation even better for future painting.

One idea I do have for the support troop bases is make the scenery unique. Support teams were and are a major concern for enemy forces. Thus with that in mind, most teams seek good cover to deploy. It also makes for interesting brain storm to come up with some ideas.

Well .... thanks for understanding my lack of post. Keep stopping by and feel free to comments.

Be safe, keep the paint flowing and the dice rolling.

Joe Mezz

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  1. Don't stress about the posting frequency. People will pick up pretty quick unless it seems you've gone offline permanently.