Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year ..... New Blog !?!

Hello Troopers,

With the new year quickly approaching I thought of things I would like to do to the blog. A New Years resolution for a blog if you will.

First things first, I would like to say thank you to the 12 followers of the blog at this time. As each of you joined the "following", it gave me motivation to continue my blog. I look forward to sharing my blog in the new year.

When I first started this blog I was focusing on Flames of War. Slowly if grew to include my other hobbies and interests, such as Star Wars RPG and scale modeling. I will be adding a tracker for miniature/modeling status as well as a game tracker to give some new material to the blog.

I know that one of my projects is to get my company of Glider troops completed which fell to the wayside due to family and school. I know everyone of you has that scenario to one degree or another.

Another project of mine is to get some games going this year .... both miniature and RPG. And we all know how tough it is to get that completed.

Well ...... Have a happy new year and a safe one at that. I am looking forward to sharing my blog with you all in the new year !



  1. Happy New Year! Now go get some games in!

  2. Happy New Year! May it be filled with lots of gaming joy.