Monday, December 21, 2009

Air Cav

Hello Troopers,

While Virginia was getting buried in snow I was traveling the speed limit towards Upstate NY for a christmas getaway. Extremely cold with about two inches were waiting for the family and I on our arrival.

Having both set of parents in NYS allows for traveling within traveling. One stop being Schenectady while the other is the Adirondacks of NY. My brother in law has recently gotten bit by the RC helicopter hobby and has a fine collection for his fleet. I was able to take a couple for a spin. You look at the helicopter and think ..... how hard can it be ?

I will be happy to inform you that it IS harder than you think. Included are some pictures of his Apache. I have a small avi file too .... with help from my 18 month old daughter towards the end of it.

Any experience or thought in the subject ? Feel free to chime in ....

Be safe and have a Merry Christmas .... Joe


  1. I apologize ..... DSL is not friendly to loading avi files. I will include it later

  2. While you're there, print out some pics off the Forgeworld website and give them to your brother-in-law. Tell him that's his next project, make one of *those* fly!