Saturday, January 2, 2010

District 9

Greeting Troops,

First post of the year. I hope to have more posts than last year so here starts that New Years resolution. I worked the fire station on New Years day, so with that it was Holiday routine as we call it. Check the equipment, clean the station and the rest of the day is yours.

One of the fellows brought in his blu-ray player and some movies. The typical array of comedies, horror and such were available for our viewing pleasure.

Being a big sci-fan, I voted for District 9. Since most of us hadn't seen the movie, it won out and placed in the player as the first movie.

I must say that it was a great movie. Well written, good mix of a documentary feel as well as first person accounts allowed for the movie to flow. Action was well spread out and constant. The computer effects and special effects were not over the top and did not look out of place at all.

If you have not seen this movie, you need to place it on your to see list for 2010.

If you have seen it ... let me know what you think .....

Be safe ...



  1. Saw it on the big screen and loved it. It was definitely a gritty, icky kinda sci-fi, but surprisingly very believable.

    There's a YouTube video if you can find it called "Alive in Joberg" (or something like that) which is the original short, it's worth checking out.

  2. Oh .... ?

    I have to check out that short then ... I believe it was setup to do a sequel ....