Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Task 1 for 1/10

Greetings Troopers

I wanted to show you the start point for Task 1 for this month.  As a reminder to the new readers, the command squads are complete.  This is the support platoon for my glider company.  I was painting and basing when school started and paused production.  

The other pause in picture posting was the digital camera breaking.  One of the great blogging experiences is looking at fellow bloggers works.  So without pics it can be hard to have productive and interesting projects post.

The following pictures are the bazooka squad of my support platoon.  Please feel free to leave any constructive comments, all comments are good ... I learn from everyone.

And for your viewing pleasure ... here are the command stands ....

If you have any tips regarding photo taking, I could use em.  I am not sure if its my painting or the picture taking.


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