Friday, January 15, 2010

Warm weather assistance

Greetings troops,

Mother nature is kind for allowing a rather "warm" day if you will for the month of January.  Mid 50's can allow for some primer painting and yes, I dare to say it some front yard maintenance.

Hopefully I can sneak away and plan some prep time before priming some models for the colder, yuckier portions of the week.

On a minor side note, a warm welcome to Watchtower78 and Mik for joining the ranks recently.  I also installed a hit counter with some success.  As of this posting I have had approx. 65 hits from 2 different countries.  It is great to see the roster rolls add new members.

I should be able to get some pictures up later this evening ..... say tuned.



  1. Thanks bud! It is getting warmer here too in Florida. That's a nice picture of you and your wife. I like the ideas for the trackers.

  2. Also to answer your question it is John Hancock and it is that big because he wanted to draw others and to make sure that the king could read it without his spectacles knowing that his signature meant his death. Of course the king story might be fanciful since the original document did not have a ceremonious signing and instead had only his signature on the first broadside.

  3. You can add 1 more country that hit your blog.
    Nice counter. I think i am going to steal it. ;-)


  4. Thanks Guys ... Right you are about the John Hancock !

    I hope you enjoy the counters .....