Sunday, January 17, 2010

Operation First Entry

Hello Troops,

After posting my last post earlier today I dusted off the brushes.

I found some of my minis that were at various stages and decided to enter 3 of them at the Richmond IPMS show at the end of February.  This way I have a goal, deadline and another reason to attend.

I chose a Black Templar Sergeant, a female Battle Sister and a Tau fire warrior.

The Black Templar is 99% complete, just some touch ups left to do. It is one of the first minis that I took my time on and didn't rush through.

The battle sister is in the initial paint placing as I call it. The dark colors are placed first and then lighter colors  and eventually highlighting.  I believe she is from the Warhammer line.  Nice miniature and will look great !  I have two more of these similiar warriors from the Mordheim line that I would like to paint in the same color theme.

The Tau Fire Warrior is planned to have a winter camouflage theme.  I need to order some various greys to assist in finishing it.  The gray pots I did have have dried out.  Since their fates are sealed I decided to wash out the pots and keep for terrain or mix pots.  Anyone ever do that ?  I was thinking about creating a Tau detachment battling some Cadians on a winter planet of some type.  That is just a thought right now.

The Old Dominion Open is February 2, 2010.  It will be the first show that I enter anything.  I am looking forward to it ....

Let me know what you think of the pictures.  Any hints or suggestions ... let me know.  I like the feedback.

Be safe ....



  1. Thanks ACG ! I got a chance to listen to your podcasts. Excellent .... I wish I was there to join in. Keep up the great work !