Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Look Sarge, I see colors !

Sorry for the long delay in updates. The in-laws were in town so painting was at a stand still. These pictures are of the 1st coat of paint on my command squads. So far so good. I think I may run a couple of them with some diluted ink to help bring out the details.

I am home with the dang stomach bug flu that is going around. It hit me like a truck at the fire station the other night and I had to go home. So .... with that in mind I am not in the blogging mood but felt I at least wanted to get these pics up of my readers.

Any suggestions ? I like the Popsicle sticks since it helps make it easier to handle the figures while painting. I haven't decided it is easier to hit the large areas with the primary and then go back to hit the details OR hit the large areas trying not to hit the details, thus hitting them later with the correct paint. Any takes on that ?

Well ..... short but sweet. Take care & be safe



  1. Not a bad start! An ink wash would definitely bring out the details, but it's hard to offer suggestions this early in the process.

    I'm sure they'll turn out just fine :)

  2. Thanks !

    After the first coat I was concerned ... lol. But I am sure it will all fall into line once the ink wash is applied. Should I hit the nooks and crannies ? Or apply to the whole figure ?