Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Status Report .... Change that ....

Things have been hectic at HQ lately ..... and I must apologize for the lack of updates.

One thing I was waiting for to assist my force building was a flea market event at my local hobby store, Waterloo Minis. If you haven't heard of the store or are curious check it out www.waterloominis.com. It was a great day, meet some great people and got some great deals. I must thank Rob & Jessica for the wonderful day and deals !!

My last status report had my force leaning towards the Airborne Infantry. It is a subject I love to read, research and model. Then something happened .... as any hobbyist knows .... a turn in the road presented itself. The intelligence book for airborne has a section for Glider Infantry. This presented new challenges, new ideas, new modeling avenues and research. So since the 506th from the 101st Airborne were a major love I decided to model the Glider Infantry that served in the 101st. My army will represent the 327th Glider Infantry, the logo you see in this posting.

I purchased the Rifle Company box set, US paint set and some additional colors to meet the basic US infantry uniform they deployed with for Normandy. I cleaned up the excess mold off the models and am ready to attack the mold lines and finish the cleanup.

Once the mold lines are cleaned up I will start the primer coat. I will attach photos to a future post for each step of the way. Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions or a high five.

I am hoping to get the troops ready for Battle Hymn 09 (Link Info) here in Richmond, VA. Granted I would only have a Rifle Company consisting of HQ, 2 rifle platoons and a weapons platoon. If the money allows I want to get a support platoon or two. I leaning towards a antitank platoon and maybe a Sherman tank platoon. Time will tell.

Well ..... that is all for this posting. Please keep visiting the blog as more updates will follow with pictures of my progress.

Be safe, paint like crazy and keep the dice going.


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