Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Command forming ...

I got some time today while taking a break from getting the house straight for out of town guest. My in-laws are in town this week so I won't have much time to work on hobbies till this Sunday. So with that in mind I took a break and got my command squads ready for a quick priming.

The attached photos are of my Company HQ and his XO, along with Able platoon's Lt and Baker platoon's Lt. The weapons platoon Lt was not completed for this brief update.

I thought I would try to see how the Popsicle stick would do for priming. This is my first attempt in painting figures in the 15mm range. I wanted to test to see if it would be easier to get a paint job starting this way instead of mounting on the base and priming. I am picky about my paint job and feel if I shell out the cash for figures I want them to look as good as my talents allow.

Well .... it was short and a quick glimpse into my thought process for my painting of the troops.

Please feel free to leave any comments or helpful hints.

Be safe .... keep em pinned, roll dice like crazy



  1. I like sticks better than painting figures on the bases, and prefer mounding individual figures, even in 15mm, to soda bottle caps the best. You spend more time handling each figure which is wasteful, but you have much more control over each figure's paint job.

    I think you'll like using the sticks.

  2. Thanks AJ ... Priming the figures on the sticks was not bad but I got some overstray on my hands while holding them. I have started to paint the figures and the sticks are awesome for not touching the figures but being able to get some accurate painting done.