Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Recon photos ...

Greetings troops,

I thought I would just get brief update here ... Just a couple of photos taken with my camera on my phone as a test run. Since I have it with me while gaming, I thought I would kill to birds with one stone and not lug the digital camera everywhere.

I am getting some gaming in tonight at Steve's house. We are running some test lists for a tournament this month in Delaware. Sorry I won't give the details of the lists till after the tournament. I will say it is a 1000 point Late war tournament and I will be running Americans. We may also fit a CY6 game in as well.

I will be taking pictures and posting them from tonight but no notes as to what is going on .... not yet but I will promise I will.

WWPD: News from the Front Episode 7 will be completed this weekend as well, stayed tuned !

Enjoy the pictures ! ...

Keep the Paint flowing and the Dice rolling ...

Joe aka Mezz

Monday, November 22, 2010

WWPD: News from the Front - Episode 6

Hello Troops,

Steve and myself, along with guest seat Luke were able to get Podcast 6 recorded this evening. Here is the link for RSS or you can subscribe via iTunes. WWPD: News from the Front

Topics for the podcast include ...
  • Introductions 
  • Reviews of Stalin's Europe
  • Review of the new D-Day books
  • Interview with Shawn aka The Terrain Guy fame
  • Review of terrain and its role & place on the FOW battlefield
  • Blog of the Cast
  • Joe's Mailcall
  • Misc topics on the fly ...
Remember for any topics you would like to see or hear, hit up the WWPD email address at WWPDPodCast@gmail.com. We read all mail and forum comments and will address them in the next episode's Mailcall.

Till then ... Keep the Paint flowing and the dice rolling ..

Joe aka Mezz

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Battlefoam FOW case ...

Hello Troops,

 Battlefoam Photo - Used without Permission

I recently have acquired a new transport for the troops. No, it is not an armored vehicle but a new carrying case.

Battlefoam is the maker of the Flames of war carrier case. You can see their wonderful products at Battlefoam Website

The case I have is excellent. It has 3 exterior pockets for books, dice tins, templets and any other items you can think of to place in them. The case has a zipper that allows you to open and load trays from the top or open it further to easy access (it opens like a flap).

The case comes with 6 trays for your troops.  It holds 49 HQ troops, 54 Medium troop stands and 47 vehicles and/or artillery stands.  Impressive !  The are pre-cut trays so no need to worry about cutting them yourself.  The trays fit well within the carrying case with no worries since the case is well made and study !

It also has Velcro spots for Unit patches (see Flames of War for patch types) as well as a spot for your name to have a patch (I knew saving some from my Army days would pay off). There is also a shoulder strap to help carry all that lead loaded into your sleek case.

Please check their site out. You would be amazed at all the products they have. I know that if I need another case or trays in the future that I will be visiting their site.

Keep the paint flowing and the dice rolling ...

Joe aka Mezz

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CY6 ... Greenhorns

Greetings troops,

Recently before the Episode 5 podcast, Steve and I were able to start a CY6 game.  If you have never played or seen these rules you can check them out at the following address ...

Check Your Six ...

They cover air warfare in the Pacific and Europe for WWII along with air combat in the jet age.

Steve and I began our mission with a simple setup.  2 American Dauntless Bombers are returning from a run when a Japanese air patrol of 3 Zeros are moving to intercept.  A call goes out to the carrier fleet who in turn dispatches 2 F4 Wildcats to assist.

American Dauntless full throttle to their home carrier

American Wildcats moving to assist

Starting Positions of forces

Zeros moving in for intercept ...

 Zeros approaching ...

Zeros fire into the American flight

The first Zero hits true with his LVGs

His wingman hits as well.  Lt Smith (Red 1) rolls his plane over and ejects.

Lt. Hack (Yellow 1) screams towards his Wildcats hoping the Zeros tail him.

Zeros adjusting for the strafe run

Lt Hack splits the formation allowing American Wildcats to get a shot at the passing Zeros.  Lt. Hoard (Blue 1)gets gun rage and spends all his ammo.  The American Wildcats are down to one effective plane, Lt.Messerle (White 1)

American Wildcats swing to get behind the Zeros whom are concentrating on the lone Dauntless.
The Zeros score another hit on the lone Dauntless.  Debris from the effective shooting spray towards one of the Zeros whom BARELY manages to dodge.

Lt.Hack (Yellow 1) suddenly realizes that his rudder received damage allowing movement only to the right (only effecting one turn)  He manages to keep the plane in the air after receiving more enemy fire .... thus becoming HEROIC for the rest of the mission.

Lt.Hack's bomber receives more enemy fire.  His gunner falls victim and is KIA.
 Lt Hoard (Blue 1) is out of ammo and getting to American airspace. One Zero gets gun rage and speads all his ammo as well.  Lt Hack's Dauntless is almost home free.

The American Dauntless holds up and reaches American airspace.  The Zeros pull off to fight another day.  Lt.Hack, Lt.Hoard and Lt.Messerle all receive +1 experience rating to skills.  Lt. Smith whom was forced to bail over sea was not found by search parties, he has been entered as KIA.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

2nd Attempt Basing a GO

Greetings troops,

I recently posted that I was basing my engineers and had a SNAFU with the glue causing the dirt to bend up on the corners.  I bought TACKY GLUE on a recommendation from Steve and all (knock on wood) seems to be going better.  Here are some pictures ...

I have also primed the command stand of the engineers as well as the 3 bazooka stand options for the platoon.  I have the jackets and pants done.  It is going smooth.  Good thing is I have been touching up the engineer platoon because during base stripping, figures were scratched and needed some touch up.
Here are some pictures ...

I am waiting for a tad warmer weather to matte them .... but for the most part the engineer platoon will be done this weekend and next up will be the mortar platoon !

Here is a bailed out Germans I scored on ebay. I got a blister but this one is a test run.  I am using a 28mm GW stand to set them apart.  Still have some detailing but thought you would like a glimpse.

Keep the Paint Flowing and the Dice Rolling ....

Joe aka Mezz

Monday, November 1, 2010

Post Apocalypse Setup ...

Greetings Troops,

No new pictures of the engineers since I am on a holding pattern to get some tacky glue to help my basing problem.  So I am turning my attention to the Post Apocalypse World I am thinking of setting up.

To start it would be in the near future of our world.  Making it apply to something we can all envision is a thing I would like to create.  People and places we can all understand and see happening draws more to the subject.

You have to think of things that would cause the modern world to collapse and change all ways of life.  Viruses ?  War ? A bizarre event no one can explain ?  But at the same time this might be part of your adventure plot ... the characters don't know what the hell is going on.  Our world today relies on major social networks to survive day to day communication; cell phones, internet, texting, twitter and facebook are leading the way we communicate.  So imagine if you will what would happen if that just STOPPED.

How would the average person survive ?  Urban folks compared to rural folks ?  White collared folk vs blue collared folks ?  High tech skills vs trade skills ?  Everything that holds true to todays society might have no purpose in the new world.  It is a story that opens many doors !

I look forward to building it ..... miniatures are endless and the scenery is as well.  Well .... depending on my wallet ... lol

Till then ...

Keep the paint flowing and the dice rolling ....

Joe aka Mezz