Sunday, November 21, 2010

Battlefoam FOW case ...

Hello Troops,

 Battlefoam Photo - Used without Permission

I recently have acquired a new transport for the troops. No, it is not an armored vehicle but a new carrying case.

Battlefoam is the maker of the Flames of war carrier case. You can see their wonderful products at Battlefoam Website

The case I have is excellent. It has 3 exterior pockets for books, dice tins, templets and any other items you can think of to place in them. The case has a zipper that allows you to open and load trays from the top or open it further to easy access (it opens like a flap).

The case comes with 6 trays for your troops.  It holds 49 HQ troops, 54 Medium troop stands and 47 vehicles and/or artillery stands.  Impressive !  The are pre-cut trays so no need to worry about cutting them yourself.  The trays fit well within the carrying case with no worries since the case is well made and study !

It also has Velcro spots for Unit patches (see Flames of War for patch types) as well as a spot for your name to have a patch (I knew saving some from my Army days would pay off). There is also a shoulder strap to help carry all that lead loaded into your sleek case.

Please check their site out. You would be amazed at all the products they have. I know that if I need another case or trays in the future that I will be visiting their site.

Keep the paint flowing and the dice rolling ...

Joe aka Mezz


  1. Battlefoam has pulled some pretty shady legal business against competitors:

    I wouldn't buy from them.

  2. I'm looking forward to the review you guys mentioned in Episode 6.