Thursday, November 11, 2010

2nd Attempt Basing a GO

Greetings troops,

I recently posted that I was basing my engineers and had a SNAFU with the glue causing the dirt to bend up on the corners.  I bought TACKY GLUE on a recommendation from Steve and all (knock on wood) seems to be going better.  Here are some pictures ...

I have also primed the command stand of the engineers as well as the 3 bazooka stand options for the platoon.  I have the jackets and pants done.  It is going smooth.  Good thing is I have been touching up the engineer platoon because during base stripping, figures were scratched and needed some touch up.
Here are some pictures ...

I am waiting for a tad warmer weather to matte them .... but for the most part the engineer platoon will be done this weekend and next up will be the mortar platoon !

Here is a bailed out Germans I scored on ebay. I got a blister but this one is a test run.  I am using a 28mm GW stand to set them apart.  Still have some detailing but thought you would like a glimpse.

Keep the Paint Flowing and the Dice Rolling ....

Joe aka Mezz


  1. Impressive.
    I use standard wood glue for my basing.

  2. Thanks Hein. I tried wood glue but it wasn't working for me. I appreciate your comments. I am looking forward to seeing all your trucks once operational.

  3. I texture my bases with acrylic textured gesso. There is no flow, though, so it's hard to get in tight spots like between figures. However, it also helps secure the figures to the base and fills gaps and ridges.

    Who made those bailed out tankers?!?! I want some! Maybe some head swaps on my wounded infantrymen...

  4. Andy, those bailed out tankers were issued with all armored vehicles early in FOW. They were phased out .... I was able to score some via ebay. Steve also gave me some of his that he was not using. I like them better then the bailed out tokens ..... just my preference ....